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5 Tips That Will Raise Your Motivation Immediately

Everyone knows that if you’re going to get started on something, you need the motivation to get you through it. Anything that requires hard work needs some kind of driving reason – else you’re going to either want to give up or not attempt it at all. Sometimes motivation can be lacking, and you may find it challenging to make a start on anything, period.

When you’re lacking in motivation, it’s no good just leaving it and hoping that you’ll get it back – you need to take action. Here are just a few things you can start doing to raise your motivation:


Take inspiration from others

First things first in gaining motivation is giving yourself a reason to take on a new challenge. If you haven’t got anything to gain from it, why put your time and effort into it? Take a look at what others are capable of, and what they have achieved. Is what you want to achieve possible? Who has done it before you? It can help to look into other successful individuals to see what you could achieve if you put in their hard work. Take this IMDb page from James L Dolan, for example.

Set your goals

Having goals is key to achieving most things in life, as it gives you a better sense of progress. Unless you’re being realistic with your goals, it’s going to feel like you’re getting nowhere. On top of that, if you don’t set small milestones, it can be hard to stop yourself from looking at the bigger picture. If your goal was to be an artist, you shouldn’t expect to produce masterpieces straight off the bat. You need to break up the bigger goal into smaller and more realistic milestones.

Develop a new habit

Motivation is an important driving factor, but habits can be even more helpful. Even when you’re lacking drive, getting into a new habit can help you to pull yourself through it. Take small steps every day, and slowly add to them once you get used to the load that you’re taking on. 

Once you’ve developed a habit for progress, you’ll find it much easier to keep up the hard work, and your momentum will keep up until you get your motivation back.

Try something new

It can help to take a breather from time to time. We all get burnt out if we repeat the same thing every day – it’s a part of life. It can help to try something else for a short time to give yourself a little break. Try a new hobby, a new art style, or just take a break overall.

Compare your progress

Progress is something that can be hard to measure, especially if you haven’t set yourself realistic milestones. You can feel like you haven’t gotten anywhere with your practice, or that your hard work just isn’t paying off anymore. While it’s true that you may have slowed down in your progress, your progress cannot be denied. Compare what you’re capable of now with what you used to be capable of and you’ll see a clear difference – as well as a reason to keep trying.

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