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5 valuable home security tips worth reading

Surveillance mega camera's concept with a sky background

This week I learned a very valuable lesson in home security: Don’t get too relaxed with your personal property in your house. Like most everyone, we allow other people beside family into our home.  While I always realized that anything in my house was susceptible to theft, I had always hoped that anyone I let into my house would never take advantage of me. As it turns out hoping doesn’t get you very far. Unfortunately our house experienced a robbery this week, and looking back I am pretty frustrated with myself for being so careless and lazy. My husband works extremely hard for our family and to have monetary items taken from us is very infuriating.

When I had time to reflect on what I could have done differently I came up with a list of 5 things, and I would like to share them with you.

1.Immediately register any gift cards you get with the retailer they are from. If your gift card is stolen, many stores will offer a replacement if you have the gift card number.  Also, use your card quickly. Don’t let it sit there for 6 months. And do not leave them out in the open for others to see.

2. Keep a record of every item in your wallet. If your wallet is ever stolen you will know exactly which cards to cancel and wont have to waste extra time thinking about it. There is a great tool called the Wallet recovery kit that is an interactive tool records data to help recover from a lost or stolen wallet. You can find it at I suggest using all forms.

3. Take pictures and inventory of all valuable items located in your home. Especially expensive  jewelry . Marking valuables is an easy, inexpensive way to keep track of the items within a home, and make the process of reporting a theft much easier for the victim. Talking to someone at your local police department can be a valuable way to know how to mark property.  Items that are marked are less likely to be stolen, and are more difficult for a thief to re-sell.

4.Be sure that all paperwork, data on your computers and other personal information is kept private. Especially when you know you will have visitors.. I have a folder with the kids social security numbers on it as well as my passport and other private information that is always kept in the safe.

5. Change your passwords on a regular basis. Preferably every 3-6 months. This will guarantee some level of safety for all of your online accounts. Also be sure to turn off your computers when you leave the house.

Keep in mind that these tips apply also to being prepared for people that you do not let into your home. A police officer told me some very interesting information this week.

On that note, all of this thinking has made me start wondering if we should install a camera in our house. This seems to be a very personal decision, so if you have one or do not have one please share with me why.





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  1. We have one in the basement to detect movement. Our basement is generally kept locked from the upstairs but it would be very easy to get in the windows, and we don’t want to walk in on any surprises. The rest of the house does not have any cameras- even for security reasons, it seems like a little too much. I understand your reasoning, though. Several years back while I was gone overnight, someone broke into my old apartment and took almost everything of value, including the clothes out of my closet. They had to walk over my bed to get to the closet. That feeling of invasion of your personal space is tough to get over.

    BTW, if you have an iMac, it has a built-in camera and motion detector that will send you notifications on your phone, iPod, or other compatible device, should someone break in. You can set it when you leave and turn it off when you get home.

  2. Great tips. But I really like the tip about taking pictures of important documents and valuables in your home. There is nothing more sure that having a back up plan.

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