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5 Ways to Improve Home Security in 2021

If you don’t feel safe in your home, it can be challenging to relax and feel at ease. Whether you live in a dangerous part of town or reside in a safe neighborhood, intruders can target all types of homes. If you want to find ways to improve your home security in 2021, there are a few crucial steps to take to reduce the risk of a break-in and safeguard your home.

  1. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Intruders like to hide in the dark and go unseen as they attempt to break in through a door or window. Reliable motion sensors are an effective tool because they allow the light to turn on the moment motion is detected. Install the lights near windows and doors to ensure the intruder is startled and easier to spot. Once the light turns on, it can cause the criminal to flee.

  1. Install New Doors

If you have any doors where there’s a window or glass near the handle, it only takes seconds for someone to break in and enter the house. Consider installing new doors to make your home less of a target and thwart possible intruders. Install a door without a window and add a deadbolt. You can also add a strike plate to make it difficult to kick down.

  1. Install a Package Locker

Many homeowners have issues with thieves stealing packages off their porch, leading to a lot of loss throughout the year with purchases you make. Consider installing a package locker to safeguard your packages and prevent anyone from taking off with them before you get home. They’re like condos or university lockers, but for single-unit homes. Package lockers can offer peace of mind to ensure you can continue to order items online.

  1. Replace Window Latches

Many people remember to lock their doors but forget that intruders also use windows to gain entry. Unfortunately, most window latches can be easily broken. Replacing these latches is a simple way to amp up the security around your home. Furthermore,  avoid keeping valuables in sight near the windows to prevent them from attracting intruders who want to run off with the valuables. It’s also essential to keep the blinds and curtains closed to prevent onlookers from spotting your belongings.

  1. Illuminate the Landscape

Add exterior lighting to your property to prevent your home from becoming a target. Intruders don’t like to be in the spotlight, which can cause them to skip your house and move on to another property where they can hide in the shadows. Install solar-powered lights, which will keep your energy usage low and still illuminate walkways and your porch in the evening. You can also put your outdoor lights on a timer to ensure they turn on at the same time each day, even when you’re away. Not only will it make your home safer, but it can offer more safety as you walk up the stairs to your porch at night.

It’s important to take the necessary steps to improve your home’s security to ensure you can have peace of mind and protect your valuables and family members. With the right tools used, you can reduce the risk of a break-in.

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