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5 Ways to Make Your Public Event More Pet-Friendly

Many dog parents enjoy bringing their pups to pet-friendly activities and events. Across the United States alone, you’ll find plenty of dog-centric events and places where man’s best friend can merrily tag along with their human.

Pet Owner Tips

To make these pet-friendly events possible, a team of dedicated organizers carefully plan and arrange necessary amenities for their respective venues. They prepare lots of food and water bowls, puppy treats, and even personalized dog toys for the guests. These preparations ensure that pooches and their owners are happy and comfortable during the entire event.

If you’re planning to hold a public event with pets sometime in the future, it’s essential to prioritize certain factors that will make your affair more inviting and conducive to canine guests. From selecting a venue and establishing house rules, all the way to ensuring health and safety measures, here are five ways you can make any public event more pet-friendly.

Find the Right Pet-Friendly Venue

The first thing on your agenda is to choose the appropriate venue for your event. For one, you must decide whether it will be an outdoor or indoor venue.

If your event will be held outdoors on a warm day, you must think ahead and prepare adequate shade for your canine attendees and their owners. It’s a must to provide more drinking water for pets, and perhaps even water sprinklers or mini inflatable pools filled with water and ice. This is crucial to keep your canine guests cool and comfy while preventing any incidences of heatstroke.

An indoor event, on the other hand, won’t require extra shades or sprinklers. However, you’ll still need dog bowls and enough water to keep pups hydrated. It will also require the basic amenities to keep pups comfy, which we will discuss further in the next section.

Once you’ve determined the kind of place you need, contact any venues that fit the bill. Ask them if they allow pet-friendly events, as certain venues do not allow animals on their property. Some may allow it but charge extra, so make sure to clarify this with the management so you won’t be caught off-guard by any surprise fees.

If the venue is pet-friendly, ask if they provide specific amenities for pets. If not, you must be ready to set up amenities with your team to dog-proof your event.

Provide the Necessary Pet Amenities

While it’s fun to bring fur babies to events, it takes a lot of effort for pet parents to do so. They have to make the necessary arrangements to safely bring their pup with them in their cars. They also have to ensure that their pup is in good health and feeling calm before taking them to social activities. Once they get to the venue, their pups are likely feeling thirsty and hungry, and these pets might also need to find a place to do their business after all of that traveling.

As such, your venue must have enough dog bowls with food and water to welcome these pups. You must also provide dedicated areas where canine guests can properly pee and take potty breaks. Don’t forget to offer poop bags for pet owners in case they forgot to bring their own. Trash bins should also be placed around the venue so that attendees can properly dispose of used poop bags. Finally, your event staff should actively assist attendees in case they need help accessing these amenities.

Notify Pet Owners About Event Rules Beforehand

As with any other event, you must establish house rules to keep the entire affair peaceful and well-organized. To properly inform pet parents of these rules, make sure to communicate with your guests a few weeks before the event. You can send this information to your attendees via email and post a public announcement on your event’s social media page as well.

In addition to the house rules, you should also inform pet parents about the venue’s available amenities and their locations. They should know where the potty areas are beforehand so they can easily and quickly take their pups there to prevent any pet potty accidents from happening.

Moreover, make sure to mention if you’re providing dog treats, toys, and other pet accessories for attendees. That way, your guests will have lots of nice things to look forward to.

Consider making the following guidelines to keep your event in order:

  • Dogs should be leashed at all times. Think about whether retractable leashes should be allowed, as this type of leash may become an obstruction to other guests should the dogs run around.
  • Designate an area where pups can run freely without a leash. This can give more active pups a place to expend their extra energy without getting in the way of your other attendees.
  • Enforce restrictions on dog breeds and sizes. Some events may only allow small dog breeds, while others may not accept certain large or aggressive breeds.

Make Your Event Safe and Comfortable for Pups

Besides establishing house rules, make sure all of your event activities are pet-friendly. For example, you may not want to hold a concert or host a fireworks display, as dogs are known to get anxious and scared when they hear loud and unsettling noises. If you plan to have any loud music playing in the background, make sure to designate a separate area for dogs that’s far away enough from where the speakers are. There, they can rest quietly and relax while their owners enjoy the rest of the event.

You’ll also want to err against serving any food that may contain food that’s harmful to pups. Chocolate is one such example of a food that is known to be poisonous to dogs. Mischievous pups may try to reach for this food and accidentally consume it when their pet parents aren’t looking. To be on the safe side, make sure to tell your caterer to only provide food that’s safe for both humans and pups to eat.

Assemble a Veterinary Team to Handle Potential Pet Emergencies

While house rules help to maintain peace and order during your event, you’ll never know when a pup might get anxious or aggressive and attack each other. Worse, some of them may accidentally eat something they shouldn’t have and get sick. Thus, it’s important to have an on-site veterinary team in case of emergencies like these.

Organizing events take a lot of planning, especially when you want to involve canine guests. Just make sure your venue is safe for pups and complete with amenities that make them feel comfortable. We hope the tips mentioned above will help you plan your next successful pet-friendly event.

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