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5 Ways To Up Your Makeup Game

Getting bored of your usual beauty routine? We’ve been there. Even if you’ve finally perfected your eyeliner game, have been experimenting with colors or recently discovered a new serum or setting spray you can’t stop gushing about, you’re most likely already on the lookout for new ways to liven up your makeup rituals and daily looks.

The good news is, you don’t have to be a glam guru or professional makeup artist to spice up your look. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find fun new beauty products and routines that will allow you to play with your look without taking too much time and effort or straining your bank account. From natural lash extensions to beauty accessories and much more, there’s something for every makeup lover! You can easily find something that suits your style, whether you prefer the natural look or love playing with bold colors and concepts. Here are a few places to get started if you’re ready to step up your makeup game:

Look Into Natural Lash Extensions

For those who want their eyes to effortlessly pop without spending time every day to glue on false lashes, natural lash extensions will be an absolute game changer. Best of all, there are so many options when it comes to length and fullness that you can opt for the barely-there look or a super bold daily glam. 

If you go to a professional tech to get lash extensions, you’ll need to go in every six to eight weeks to get them refilled, as they grow out at the same rate as your natural hair cycles. You may also opt for a lash extension kit that gives you salon-ready lashes at home – the convenience of lash strips with the duration of professionally-applied extensions. Farewell, mascara!

Work With Your Natural Beauty

When applying makeup to places on your face like your eyes, cheeks and brows, it’s important to work with your natural shape and color. If something has been looking a little bit off with your eyeliner or eyebrows for a while, perhaps you’re not playing to your natural beauty and shape.

For instance, large eyes may pop more from wearing darker liners on the inner water lines, whereas doing this technique on small eyes will only make them look smaller. Similarly, fun additions like winged liner and inner corner eyeliner won’t necessarily play up to every single eye shape, so if you’re looking for a technique that will make your natural beauty pop, do a little research on what’s best for your unique beauty. 

Step Up Your Brow Game

Your eyebrows are one of the most expressive parts of your face, yet, like every other facial feature, everyone’s eyebrows have a unique natural thickness and shape. 

If you’re tired of your usual brow-filling routine or simply want to try something new with your brows, there are so many different professional techniques you can seek out depending on the look you’re going for. From microblading to waxing to threading and much more, there’s truly something for every type of brow, budget, comfort level and aesthetic. 

Whether you want a thicker natural brow, a permanent tint, less stray hairs or any other combination of looks, a quick trip to your favorite makeup counter or beauty technician will give you a good idea of what might work best for you. You may be amazed at how drastically a new brow look can alter your entire face!

Play With Accessories

Powders, serums and tints are far from your only options if you’re looking to amp up your makeup game. Nowadays, fun special effects and costume-style makeup can be picked up at any drug store or beauty store. 

If you feel like you’ve finally figured out the basics and want to elevate your look for a fun night out (or even a regular Tuesday!), consider playing around with fun extras like face gems, colored liquid eyeliner or even different stencils you can use to create fun shapes around your eyes and cheeks. 

 Step Outside Of Your Norm

If you’re the type of person whose everyday look is already full of color and accessories, why not mix things up one day and see how you can achieve the same dramatic look with earth tones and more subdued colors? Similarly, if you’ve always stuck with the same browns and nude tones every day for years, see if you can slowly learn how to implement exciting new shadows and lip colors into your everyday look. 

Better yet, ask yourself what you consider to be the most iconic fashion era. Is it the big doll eyes of the 60s? Frosty looks from the 90s? Why not do a little research and see if you can recreate some of your favorite old school makeup styles and make them your own?

Makeup is truly an incredible art form that knows no limits – don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and make your makeup routine more exciting, simple or unique.

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