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5 Ways Your Family Can Help Make Someone Else’s Holiday Special


One of the many things I am grateful for when it comes to my son, is the fact that he’s more of an “experience” kind of person as opposed to a “stuff” kind of person.  Meaning, he’d rather hang out with friends and family making memories, than opening gifts on Christmas morning or any occasion for that matter.  


He’s always been like this. He hardly ever asks me for anything, and shopping is a rare form of torture for him. Even if it’s something that he needs. Like clothes. He’d rather wear the shirt or shorts that’s a size too small for him than break down and admit he needs new clothes.  


He’s the same with just about everything else. A friend of his just said the other day, “When are you going to get new video games, man?”  It’s just not a priority for him. As a result, for the past 3 years, Chase has chosen to forfeit his gifts at Christmas, and use any money I would have spent on him to help another family in need.  


It’s become a tradition now!  Forfeiting gifts is not for everyone though, so here are 5 ways you can work together to help make someone else’s holiday special, and maybe create a new tradition of giving in your family.


Many stores, like Walmart, still have layaway and there are plenty of families out there that use this resource to slowly pay for gifts for their families during the holiday.  Why not go to a store and ask to anonymously pay the balance of another family’s layaway invoice?

Collecting food for your local food pantry is always a good idea, but why not take it a step further and volunteer with your family at a local food bank. They can always use help sorting and packing food. Even 1 hour of your time per week helps.

With the holiday comes the cold weather.  Why not pick up some blankets while you’re out shopping, and drop them off at your local homeless shelter.

Are you an animal lover like me?  If you aren’t able to adopt a pet, try sponsoring one.  You could be saving a pet’s life.

This time of year can be lonely for many, but especially for our senior community who may be far away from family and unable to travel, or may not have family at all.  Why not contact your local senior living community and see how you can help make a senior citizen feel special this holiday?  Who knows, you and your family may find a special bond with that senior that lasts all year round!

Happy Holidays, and remember that whatever you decide to do this holiday season, make sure that giving is a part of it.

Together with her teenage son Chase, Mary Bailey is the co-creator of Chase ‘N Yur Face, a free online resource designed to inspire children and families to celebrate life—from the simple to the spectacular. In 2014, Mary made the decision to step down from her corporate job in order to home school her son who, as a toddler, was diagnosed with autism. Today, the single mom and entrepreneur creates her son’s curriculum which revolves around his love of cooking. Through this journey, her goal is to help Chase become a self-sufficient adult, as well as to establish a foundation for people like Chase, who need a helping hand to make their dreams achievable.
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