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5 Work-from-Home Wardrobe Essentials for the Busy Professional

Before the pandemic, working from home was an idea that many professionals toyed with but few actually tried. In the past year, however, many people found themselves confined to their homes even during regular office hours—a precaution that the government and private entities have taken to curb the spread of the disease. And while adjusting to a new work environment has been an uphill battle for many, there are also plenty of people who have found that they like working at home more than spending their most productive hours in an office.

To set a clear boundary between their job and personal life, many professionals have adopted rituals to get themselves ready for work. This process often includes dressing up for the office even though they’re simply working from a dedicated room or table inside of their residence. If you’re considering adopting this habit for yourself, maybe you’re wondering what types of clothes to wear at work when you’re working from home. Here are a few practical yet stylish suggestions:


Leggings are not just for the gym or for lounging at home; they’ve also become a go-to outfit component for people who are working remotely. You can buy leggings and wear them while you’re working, which is a great idea if you want to stay comfy and still have the freedom to stretch and exercise whenever you’re on a break. If you want to look professional while wearing leggings, you can go for a dark-colored pair that goes well with different tops. A colorful pair of leggings is also in the cards if you don’t particularly care what bottoms you wear or if only the top half of you is visible during video calls.

Other plus points for leggings: these versatile bottoms don’t take too much space, are easy to put on and take off, and can be washed and dried in a snap. There are many durable but reasonably priced leggings out there, so you won’t have to spend much to make sure you have a ready pair for every workday.

Wide-legged Pants

Some people feel more comfortable wearing loose articles of clothing over light pieces that hug the body, and that’s alright. If you’re more of a pants person, then go ahead and wear a pair without sacrificing comfort or style. Wide-legged pants, in particular, will feel hefty enough but won’t be too constricting on your legs. A pair of these will definitely help you feel like you’re planning to step out of your home, all without leaving the familiar comforts that have kept you company in the past few months. If you really want to feel like you’re going out of the house, why not pair your pants with your favorite shoes or sandals and a fancy top? Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you should forget about putting together your #OOTD.

Tee Dress

Regardless if you’re anticipating a video call or not, it’s a good idea to wear a presentable but comfortable top at home. This way, if someone does call you out of the blue, you’ll be ready to present yourself. A long tee dress is a perfect choice if you want to wear something loose, comfy, yet professional-looking enough for video. Most tee dresses are made for comfort and offer some of the benefits of wearing a regular dress without the bells and whistles. They’re easy to put on, as you only have to pull one over your head. As a bonus, washing and drying them is a breeze as well, making them an extremely convenient choice for people who want something that requires minimal maintenance.

Ribbed Long Cardigan

A cardigan is your best friend if you don’t feel like changing out of your tank top but still want to look like you made every effort to dress up for work. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a slightly frayed shirt, a day-old sleeveless top, or even a camisole—just layer it under a cardigan and you’re set. Buy one or two pieces of neutral-colored cardigans if you want to stay low-key while you’re working, or purchase a colorful piece to tell the rest of your team that you’ve decided to bring a bit of enthusiasm and sunshine with you to the meeting.

Day Dress

A day dress is a fun and easy-to-put-on option for many remote workers. In fact, many single-piece articles of clothing like jumpsuits and long tunics would make a great addition to a busy professional’s wardrobe because they don’t need to be paired with other clothes. If you’re looking forward to a busy day and want to save a bit of time while preparing for work, then a day dress offers a presentable but practical middle ground.

Aside from helping you put on your professional hat, so to speak, changing into work clothes can also ensure that you’re ready to attend online events that require your participation and appearance. The good news is that looking professional while you’re at home doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your comfort. After all, you only have to wear clothes that look good in front of the camera.

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