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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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$50 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway from Co-authors of “Leading the Field”

 $50 Home Depot Gift Card Giveaway

We recently shared a recently released book, Leading the Field, co-authored by two of Orange County’s very own Realtors, Sandi Clark and Debbie Miller. We have so many wonderful families as readers here on the OC Mom Blog and it is great to share such a useful resource that can help you in your home selling and buying process.

We also love that Leading the Field is filled with motivating stories to help each person reach their full potential, whatever that may be.  For a brief time Leading the Field is on sale for $4.95 so be sure youhead over to Amazon to get your copy and support a local team or Realtors.Sandi Clark and Debbie Miller, Luxury Realtors in Orange County, have been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for our readers for a $50 Gift Card.


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  1. I want them to be honest and to put client’s interests first

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  3. Honestly is the best policy, in life and in realty. 😉

  4. Really Listen. Show me what I want and not what I could get.

  5. Be honest. And call be back promptly when I leave a message.

  6. Keep Within My Budget, Gives Me Choices

  7. Being friendly and personable, and answering questions in a way that make sense.

  8. I want them to be patient and not push me into making a choice!

  9. To really consider our wish list when choosing properties to show us.

  10. I definitely want to feel like they are listening to me, offering advice where appropriate, but respecting my “hard lines” re: budget, location, etc so as not to waste anyone’s time.

  11. I want them to be honest with me, and not be pushy…but be available to go and see homes when they come up.

  12. Listening is really important

  13. get me the best price possible

  14. be honest with me and if they know of problems then to let me know.

  15. Listen to my price range

  16. put client’s interests first

  17. Knowing inside information about neighborhoods, resale value, etc.

  18. Be honest

  19. we just went through the process of buying a home, and my favorite part of our realtor was that she really fought for us to get the best deal, and helped us through each step and was available all day every day when we had questions

  20. i think a check list of stuff that needs to be completed and a timeline would be helpful

  21. i want realtors to be in constant contact w/ updates

  22. give an honest opinion

  23. The most important thing for me is for my realtor to be responsive.

  24. Honest and not pushy

  25. I like them to understand my wants and needs

  26. I’ve never dealt with a realtor before. However, I have dealt with people who want my business, work to get it, and provide me with service. That said, good and open communication and follow through are very important.

  27. To be honest and patient, not pushy, and to get the best price possible for me.

  28. To be honest and patient, not pushy, and to get the best price possible for me.

  29. To answer all my questions and be honest about everything.

  30. The most important thing to me is to be honest. As long as you’re being honest and doing your best I’m going to stick with you

  31. Be informative and honest.

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