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55 Fun Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities

Rain is in the forecast. Wondering how to keep your kids entertained without putting them in front of a video game or television show? These are 55 fun rainy day activities to keep your kids entertained while creating unforgettable memories together.

1. Make playdough! Bring the kids into the kitchen and make a batch of homemade playdough together. Once you’re done making playdough, spend hours together building, sculpting and creating fun things together.

2. Toilet paper fun! Remember those old high school days of toilet papering the house of a boy you liked? Put those skilled to work getting creative with your kids making toilet paper mummies and more! While it might make a huge mess in your house…it is guaranteed to be a moment that your kids will cherish forever.

3. Popcorn..Popcorn!! Do you have a traditional popcorn maker? While this may also make a giant mess…it is one that every mom must do with their kids at least once. Blast your kids favorite tunes, put popcorn into the maker without the top on (that’s right…no top) and dance the afternoon away with your kids to their favorite music while your family room rains popcorn.

4. Photo booth fun! Dig into your kids costume trunk and bring out their old Halloween costumes for photo fun! Put your camera on a tri-pod and get funky with your kids by doing your own custom photo booth.

5.Scavenger hunt! While the kids are eating their snack..hide items around the house. Make a list of things for them to find and go on an interactive scavenger hunt together.

6.Make-up a skit

7.Build a tent

8.Have a tea party

9.Play Pictionary

10.Have indoor potato sack races

11.Set-up your kitchen like a grocery store and play store with your cupboard items

12.Indoor snorkel fun in the bathtub

13.Bake cookies

14.Paint a picture

15.Build a fort out of old boxes

16.Make hot cocoa

17.Read a story by the fireplace together

18.Have a pillow fight

19.Go puddle jumping

20.Build a structure with marshmallows and toothpicks (older kids)

21.Play a game of go fish or your favorite card game

22.Make a race track out of tape for hot wheel cars

23.Make fruit loop or cheerios necklaces

24.Play limbo

25.Build with block

26.Make an indoor bean bag toss with shapes on the floor out of tape

27.Play sink or float. Get various household items and test them in a bucket of water to see what sinks or floats?

28.Indoor car wash! Using a large bucket of soapy water have your kids wash their hot wheel cars using sponges

29.Cotton ball races! Have your children use straws to blow cotton balls. Create lanes on the counter out of tape for them to race with siblings.

30.Shaving cream fun! Put a large amount of shaving cream on a cookie sheet and let your kids draw letters, shapes and pictures with their fingers in the shaving cream.

31.Sidewalk chalk and water. On black construction paper dip the sidewalk chalk into water and let the kids draw pictures

32.Hot plate crayon art. See instructions on the blog.

33.Marble races. Cut a pool noodle in half and then use the gutters for marble races

34.Make paper airplanes and fly them together around the house

35.Have an indoor picnic

36.Have a dance party

37.Roll out bubble wrap and let the kids jump on it

38.Do a science experiment

39.Make a sock puppet out of old socks

40.Write a letter to a friend

41.Take a ruler to the side of a cup and set it out in the rain to measure the rainfall with your kids

42.Build with Legos

43.Play tic-tac-toe

44.Do karaoke

45.Play dress-up

46.Make a collage out of leaves

47.Play with puzzles

48.Make a sensory table using rice. Add cars, kitchen gadgets, etc. Let you kids play and explore

49.Make a scrapbook with your kids

50.Sort through toys/clothes to donate to the homeless

51.Make smores by the fireplace

52.Play a game of marbles

53.Do imaginary play with your kids

54.Have an indoor olympics tournament

55.Go puddle jumping in the rain!

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  1. Lovely long list to pick an activity from!
    When I run out of imagination, I occasionally pick a family activity from a couple of sites I like….
    Earth Day Activities,
    Kids activities

    Next time it rains, I’ll be visiting your site!

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