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6 Brain Games That Will Help Your Kids Become Mini Einsteins

The brain is like a muscle – it needs a challenge to remain strong. If it doesn’t get it, it will slowly wither away and become less than what it could be. 

Kids’ brains face resistance all the time. School work, social relationships and hobbies all activate essential neural pathways, strengthening them and preparing the child for the rigors of life. 

For parents, knowing exactly how to stretch your kids, though, isn’t always obvious. You need to get the balance right. If you push them too hard, you’ll wind up making them feel demotivated and burned out. They simply won’t understand what you’re getting at. 

Similarly, if you make it too easy, there won’t be any sense of achievement in completing challenges. Kids will feel as though they’ve been robbed of an opportunity to do better. 

So what types of games are out there?

Coloring-In Games

Young kids don’t always have the ability to draw things in the environment from scratch. However, they can get a lot of satisfaction from carefully coloring pictures on free worksheets. Painting by numbers engages their cognition and encourages them to work systematically and carefully. At the end of the process, they will produce something attractive that they can be proud of. 

Say Days And Months Backwards

Everyone can say the days of the week or the months of the year forwards by heart, but saying them backwards is more challenging than you might think, particularly for young kids. It’s a simple game, but it is also a lot of fun for children if they’ve never done it before. 

Find The Shapes

These days, you can download printable wire diagrams composed of many shapes. For instance, diagrams of triangle numbers. 

You can turn these into games by asking your kids to find all of the triangles depicted in the picture. These games are fun because there are small, individual triangles, triangles made of two individual triangles, and the largest triangle that contains them all. You can have endless fun finding more triangles each time you look. 


Hangman is a guessing game that teaches kids verbal skills. You’ve probably played it yourself before.

The idea is simple: come up with a word, put spaces for all the letters, and then provide your kids with a clue. Then get them to guess letters to form the word. They need to guess the word before you complete the hangman. 

Tape Removal

Removing tape from surfaces might seem like a chore for adults, but it can be a great way to train the brain of a child, particularly toddlers. Put sticky tape on tables and the floor and then get your kids to remove it with their hands. While this is not a cognitive task, it trains the muscles in the body to work together and achieve a goal. 

Three Of A Kind

Lastly, you might want to play three of a kind, naming three objects and then getting your child to identify the odd one out. The three objects should appear similar, but there should be a critical difference that distinguishes one from the other two.

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