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6 Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Sunglasses For Your Kids

Wearing sunglasses seems to be something many people associate with the style. It is an additional accessory that increases the quality of your overall outfit. However, wearing sunglasses is important as its main purpose is to protect the eyes from UV rays. UV rays can penetrate your eyes, even when they are closed, which can cause some damage. For this reason, you must wear sunglasses as protection, just as you would wear sunscreen to protect your skin.


Although sunglasses are important, we do not often see children wearing them, and it is mostly adults. Even when younger people do, it is usually a cheap pair that they play with. Children’s eyes can be extremely sensitive, which is why protecting them should be a priority for parents. This article will discuss six important things to consider when purchasing sunglasses for your kids so that you can buy them the appropriate pair. 

Make Sure They Fit Right

Children are never in one place, not moving. Evidently, wearing sunglasses would most likely happen outside as children are playing and entertained. This means that the chances of the glasses falling off their tiny faces are high. When you buy a pair of sunglasses for your child, make sure that it fits right. Too loose and it will keep falling, too tight and it may hurt them and cause skin damage over time. This is something that needs to be tested even before you leave the store. 

100 % UV Protection

As mentioned previously, protection should be the main purpose of sunglasses. Children as little as three years old should start wearing sunglasses as the skin protecting their eyes is sensitive and vulnerable. However, just because the lenses are tinted, it does not mean that they are providing you with the appropriate levels of protection from ultraviolet rays. You must ensure that you check how much protection they can offer.  When you buy a new pair for your children, they should provide 99-100% protection. 

Let Them Choose Their Style

Once you start shopping for sunglasses, you may quickly find out that there is a range of different styles available. The glasses enthusiasts over at advise that not every pair is the same, just like not every child is the same. Taking into consideration the kid’s style will increase the chances of them wearing the sunglasses when they have to as well as ensuring that they look after them properly. Do not attempt to choose on behalf of your child – even if you think they are not old enough, they may want to have a say in what they wear. Give them the choice so that they are happy and comfortable wearing sunglasses. 

High Durability

Children are usually very active and will most likely be wearing sunglasses outside as they are playing. You should have this in mind when purchasing sunglasses for your kids. Even if you tell them to be careful, it is likely your children may have some accidents where the sunglasses suffer some damage. The pair that you choose must be strong enough to withstand the children’s falls and sudden movements. Check the brands that have this in mind and that developed glasses that are flexible and durable enough to last a long time. 


The cost of sunglasses is one of the main factors to consider for many parents. This is not something many people want to splurge on, as children may not be as careful with an expensive item as a grown-up would be. Evidently, quality should be at the top of the list, to ensure that you are getting something of value, however, expensive does not always mean quality. Check how many sunglasses usually are, particularly those that meet all of your child’s needs before you decide on how much you want to spend. Then have a budget for how much you are willing to pay and stick to it when shopping. 

Consider Prescription Sunglasses

Some children suffer from eye issues that need correcting with normal seeing glasses. They cannot wear their prescription and sunglasses at the same time. However, what many parents forget is that it is possible to have prescription sunglasses so that children can see whilst get the right levels of protection from the sun. If this is something that your child needs, make sure to discuss this with an ophthalmologist. 


Deciding on what pair of sunglasses to buy for your children can be overwhelming, considering the high amount of choices you have. However, the process can be simplified when you know exactly what to look for. Make sure to follow the tips discussed above, which will advise you of important factors to consider when purchasing sunglasses for your kids.

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