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6 Must-Have Things For Your Family Vacation

Whether it is a summer house in North Carolina or a weekend away to Florida, we all dream of a picture-perfect family vacation. However, planning the holiday is not as easy as we’d like it to be.

Family Vacation Must Haves

If your children are still little, of course, you want a place that they will not only enjoy but also give the adults of the family an opportunity to get some much-deserved rest. This means a place where the children can explore without putting any extra stress on yourself.

These types of vacations require tons of planning. From deciding where to go and what to pack, it can become overwhelming. Fortunately for you, we have listed 10 must-have things for your family vacation. This guide will help you reduce stress and increase the fun.

Clothes & Accessories

Tips for packing for a family summer vacation

This may be obvious but clothing, as well as accessories, should be number one on your packing list. Of course, the amount of clothes depends on the time length of the trip and whether or not you have access to laundry facilities while you are there.

However, the following items should ensure you don’t forget anything:

Coats/rain jackets

Safety First

When traveling with kids, accidents are bound to happen. As a parent of two, I know having an injured child without bandages being available only leaves you with a crying child. You then end of getting a headache and everyone is miserable for the rest of the day.

A nifty life hack which I have learned over the years is to pack in your very own travel first aid kit. There’s no need to buy one from the shops you could make a DIY kit.

Here are a few things I have included in my kit:

Thermometer – in case one of the kids have a fever
Kids Paracetamol/Ibuprofen – in case someone falls ill
Plasters – for those boo-boos
Antiseptic cream/wipes/spray -to get rid of bacteria
Allergy medication – my eldest kid suffers from severe allergies

A Travel Pouch

Being organized while traveling with children really does pay off! A great way to help you improve your organization skills is by using a travel pouch. Before packing for the vacation, head over to the dollar store and buy a small backpack. It will be your travel pouch.

All necessities and travel documents which will be constantly reached for during the trip must go into the pouch. This includes tickets, money, passports and identification documents. You could also include wet wipes and tissues for the little kids.

By packing the most reached for things in the travel pouch eliminates the drama of misplacing important things. I strongly suggest you also keep a portable charger packed in for if your phone battery dies.

Stock Up On Sunscreen

Summer Vacation Check List

Nobody enjoys getting sunburned. Whether you’re going on a tropical getaway or somewhere a bit cooler, it is important to wear sunscreen!

I suggest you stock up before heading out on your trip. From my experience, I believe it is easier to leave home with a ton of sunscreen instead of searching for a shop to buy some once arriving at your destination.

If your family members get sunburned easily and you are heading south, I highly suggest to take at least a couple of bottles. This will ensure there is enough to keep the whole family protected during those beach and pool days.

Stay hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated during your vacation, especially if you’re planning on being really active or in a hot location. You can either buy bottles of water as needed or purchase reusable water bottles.

Personally, I prefer reusable bottles as they are not only eco-friendly but they also save a ton of cash. They come in different colors and prints which helps prevent fights over whose bottle is whose.

Snacks Lots And Lots Of Snacks!

Balancing eating on a summer vacation

Although traveling is a ton of fun it can also be hectic. Kids in the backseat throwing temper tantrums because they are hungry. Teenagers complaining because they are bored. Passengers moaning about your driving! It never ends.

This sounds all too familiar, right? The secret to keeping everybody happy is having lots of snacks available.

Here is another nifty tip for you.

Instead of worrying about melting chocolate in the back, drinks spilling everywhere and a nightmare of crumbs. You could invest in a pretty cool car backseat organizer. It’s pretty much a bag that clips onto the back of your driver or passenger seat.

These bags have plenty of space for all of your snacks, as well as side pockets to fit in your 550 ML bottles. The best thing about it is that the kids can help themselves without you having to help them!

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