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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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6 New Hobbies the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Kids seem to be growing up so fast and being able to spend quality time with your family is a very precious gift. Engaging in hobbies with your spouse and kids will create lasting memories and strengthen your bond. Whether it’s crafting different types of bracelets or learning how to cook, there are plenty of family-friendly hobbies out there for the whole family to enjoy.

Jewelry Making

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Jewelry making is a great activity which you can do together with your family, that combines many different skills.  Besides being a great creativity booster, jewelry making engages hand-eye-coordination and can help improve your problem-solving skills. Start with something basic and easy to do, like a simple beaded bracelet, and build to more advanced techniques, crafting a mens pearl necklace or a more complex pair of earrings featuring beautiful Freshwater pearls.


Perfect for developing your creative side, upcycling is the ideal way to get rid of some of that extra clutter from around your house. Things like empty glass jars, tin cans or carboard boxes can be turned into practical and decorative pieces like flowerpots, storage boxes or beautiful vases. Besides being a fantastic way to help reduce waste, upcycling can teach the entire family all about the benefits of recycling and the effects of waste on the environment.

Dancing and Choreographing

If you are looking for a hobby which is both fun but also perfect for boosting your fitness levels, dancing is the top choice. Dancing is a great exercise for the entire body, but that engages the mind as well. By learning and remembering choreography your brain will stay active, while the physical movement will help you build muscle, and also improve your body’s circulation and balance. Besides, you can start enjoying it with the kids at a very young age, as long as you use engaging songs.


This may be a classic one, but it is definitely worth trying. Besides being a very useful skill to have, cooking will give you and your family a chance to spend some quality time together. Whether you decide to enroll in a cooking class or start the hobby at home, get your kids excited about this new activity with easy and fun recipes like mini pizza swirls or chocolate baked bananas.


Get your creative juices going and start a family blog or vlog. Document your daily life experiences using pictures and videos and learn about different editing tools, special effects and equipment, but don’t be surprised if you will end up learning a thing or two from your kids. Besides being a fun hobby you can do together as a family, improving your computer skills is essential in this digital era.



Cycling is a very healthy hobby you could start doing with your family. Besides improving your overall fitness levels, cycling gives you the opportunity to unplug, while reconnecting with one another. A bonus of cycling is that you will be spending time outside, soaking in that much-needed vitamin D, while admiring the beauty of nature.

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