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6 Online Degree Programs That Bring Out Your Competitive Edge

Ever since the pandemic has struck, the global education system has embraced the concept of virtual learning. Many reputable institutes have made sure that their online programs offer the same training, practice, and skills level as their on-campus degrees have done for several years. By adopting and encouraging online degrees, institutes are not only actively promoting safer campuses but are also saving costs of budgets, commute and rents. 

With that said, we come to our next discussion—the challenge of selecting the right online degree! Picking the right educational path can be challenging, especially when you have to face a highly competitive job market after graduation. Where a dismal diploma will cartel your career, a market-competitive degree will take you a long way. It will offer a direction for stable and defined career growth direction and ensure lucrative salary packages. Earning the right degree also means you won’t have to switch careers due to a lack of job opportunities, and you’ll be able to excel in your field if you pursue higher education.

So, we have assembled a list of six online degree programs that will help you out of this quandary. Picking any one of these will help you achieve a stable and long-term career path in the highly competitive job market.

Online Doctorate in Nursing Practice

Nursing is one of our top picks! The profession has always been in high demand since people will always need medical care. A career in nursing is not just rewarding but is also well defined and gives you a competitive edge over other professions because of its potential future and lucrative salary package. You can also keep enhancing job prospects and polishing skills by earning more degrees in the field. After earning a graduate degree, you can also apply for DNP programs online to acquire an honorary level in nursing. 

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) is a terminal degree that prepares you for clinical practice. With it, you can even perform leadership roles in the health sector as a post-secondary nursing instructor, clinical director, medical affairs director, advanced practice registered nurse, chief medical officer, etc.

Online Doctorate of Engineering

Engineering is a vast and diverse field that offers a wide range of specializations. A doctorate in engineering is designed for those looking to take leadership positions in the industry or to teach at universities.

With a doctorate in engineering, you can double your earnings by gaining an edge over their competition through higher education. A few of its notable and highly rewarding specializations include Petroleum engineering, aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, and electrical engineering. 

Roles in the job market vary according to specialization. For instance, a doctorate in aerospace engineering could lead to a research career with NASA. 

Online Doctorate in Information Technology and Computer Science 

We cannot imagine an office or a workplace without a computer or the internet. Information technology and computer science are the backbones of every industry; thus, they offer highly competitive salaries. 

The highest degree you can receive in the field is a doctorate in CS, which will lead you to high-paying jobs. The degree combines a theoretical and practical approach to studies by integrating quantitative and qualitative research methods, strategic leadership skills, and problem-solving abilities. In addition, it prepares graduates for careers in information technology, as consultants, as technical directors, etc. 

Online Doctorate of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a vital component of the health sector. Pharmacists are responsible for the production and development of pharmaceutical drugs. They also assist doctors in prescribing drugs and medicines while offering advice for medicinal properties and effects. 

After getting a doctorate, professionals enter a competitive industry with great job opportunities, especially as clinical pharmacists, pharmaceutical industry pharmacists, or community pharmacists. 

Online Doctorate in Business Administration

The business administration field offers excellent incentives to professionals who pursue higher education. A doctorate in business administration improves the leadership skills of executives and prepares them to perform better. 

The advanced online degree is designed especially for those who wish to enhance their professional skills but cannot enroll in conventional campus-based degree programs. For instance, people in positions like CEO can earn a doctorate in business administration online without ever leaving their offices or workplaces. 

Online Doctorate in Statistics

Statistics is a field of numbers, calculations, analysis, and decision-making. The skill of a statistician is to analyze data and interpret results, which helps industries to prosper. Their skills and training enable them to solve problems within a company and achieve their goals. However, not everyone can be an expert at solving statistical problems, making it one of the most sought-after careers. 

Statisticians are responsible for providing statistical analysis based on research and data to various sectors such as businesses, health care, think tanks, non-profit organizations, technology, government, etc. An online doctorate in Statistics offers the highest starting salary among all degrees due to its immense significance in every field.

Final Thoughts

Progress is impossible in a field that has difficulty surviving due to a lack of customers or funds. So it is always wise to choose your educational path according to your interests, the job market, and career goals. After selecting a suitable degree, look for job options that fulfill your financial needs and help you grow personally.

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