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6 Secrets to Getting Your Clothes to Fit Right

Does it ever feel like your clothes just don’t really fit right? The truth is that mass-produced clothes are made to fit the masses, so they’re designed to fit as many people as possible. However, this means that they’re not going to fit everyone perfectly. A lot of the time, they’re just going to provide an adequate fit for many people.

If you ever find yourself tugging at your clothes or just feeling like they’re not sitting right, you might have wondered whether you can get them to fit better. You can use several different methods to get a better fit on your clothes so that they look and feel good. To get your clothes to fit right, take a look at these secrets for ensuring you get the best fit, even when you buy clothes off the rack.

Start with the Right Undergarments

Any good outfit starts with the right foundation. It’s difficult to get your clothes to fit well if you don’t have the right garments underneath. When you’re looking for panties, make sure they give you good coverage and don’t cause any bulging. Consider seamless underwear to remove any risk of VPL under your clothes. As for bras, getting it right can be tricky. Many women wear the wrong size and get a bad fit. However, this is often because many brands haven’t catered to them in the past. Luckily, you can now get bras for all shapes and sizes from some fantastic brands. A wider range of band and cup sizes can help you find the right fit, and so can a professional bra fitting.

Understand What a Good Fit Is

Do you know how to tell if a pair of jeans doesn’t fit you right? What about if a jacket is too big or a button-down shirt is too small? Knowing how things are supposed to fit can help you to spot when something isn’t sitting right or is either too loose or too tight. Whenever you want to buy something new, take the time to understand how it’s meant to fit before you buy anything. Get a good look in the mirror when you try something on so that you can check if there is any wrinkling or pulling. Make sure you move about a bit too and check you can move freely.

Know What Shapes Suit Your Frame

Sometimes choosing the right clothes is about knowing what suits your figure. There’s nothing that’s off-limits if you really think you look good in it, but there are some different ways you might make sure something fits you well. For example, if you’re heavier on top, you might find that a dress with a drop waist doesn’t suit you. A shift dress can make some people look rather shapeless. However, if you like the look of something, you can often make small adjustments to change the fit, such as wearing a belt.


Choose Tailored Pieces

Women’s clothes are often shaped to fit various curves. However, if you want a really good fit, consider looking for pieces that are a bit more tailored. This can include garments such as blazers and suits, but it doesn’t have to be just that sort of thing. Anything with more of a structured shape to it could give you the fit that you’re looking for.

Get Your Clothes Tailored

The secret to great fitting clothes that many celebrities use is getting them personally tailored. Even designed clothes won’t necessarily fit you perfectly right away, and that’s where alterations can come in. A professional sewist can alter your clothes for you so that they’re shaped to fit your figure. They can let out seams, take in hems, tuck bits in, and even add or remove pieces to create a garment that fits you perfectly.

Make Your Own Clothes

Do you want clothes that are made for your exact body shape? Making your own is the way to get them. It takes some practice before you can start making clothes that fit you perfectly, but you can create each piece so that it matches your measurements. You can start off by altering sewing patterns to fit your measurements, and you might soon decide to branch out into creating your own patterns so that you can start each garment from scratch. You can even make a dummy that matches your measurements.

If you want your clothes to fit well, you need to spend some time choosing the right pieces and possibly adjusting them to fit your frame.

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