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6 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

For example, the habit to win or go all the way, which will come in handy later in adult life when a person suddenly decides to play at the 20Bet live dealer casino. The habit of brushing teeth has also been formed since childhood. It seems to be nothing easier, but it is not always possible to perform proper hygienic procedures, which leads to the development of dental diseases – tooth decay, bad breath, tooth root sensitivity, and darkening of enamel. There are special rules of hygiene to ensure good blood circulation in the mouth, mineralization of enamel, and elimination of inflammation.

Toothbrush Tips

Set an Example for Them

Stand next to your child in front of the bathroom mirror and brush their teeth together. It’s actually an enjoyable time together. Children love to imitate, they notice everything and try to repeat it, so you need to use a personal example in the family to teach brushing techniques. Make it a habit to brush with your child every night before you go to bed and in the morning after breakfast, and do it with pleasure. They’ll remember and automatically do it themselves, even if you’re not around.

Buy Your Kids Fun Toothbrushes

There are a huge variety of children’s toothbrushes sold in stores. Choose a toothbrush small enough that your child can hold it comfortably. Preferably, the brush should have a small round head and very soft bristles. Adults should definitely help babies brush their teeth. When the baby grows up and will be able to cope on their own, then the handle of the brush will change to a voluminous and comfortable to grasp. It is desirable to have at least two toothbrushes with different colored handles and bristles – one for brushing in the morning after breakfast, the other for evening brushing before going to bed. Toothbrushes should be changed every 3 months. By the way, electric brushes are allowed only for children of school age.

Count Your Teeth When You Brush

First, children will learn to count, and second, they will have fun by combining pleasure with pleasure.
Watch, Check, Reward!

A simple calendar placed in your child’s room can also go a long way toward building a positive habit. There are many options for ready-made calendars for children – big-numbered, bright, even themed – with drawings of teeth and how to brush them properly. When you mark on the calendar the day when the child brushed his teeth without reminders, you thereby give a visual signal of approval of his actions, exercising control and positively reinforcing the habit being formed. Together with your child you can also draw a bright poster and let your child glue a funny sticker on it after each brushing.

Tell a Funny Story About Brushing Your Teeth

Children love to hear funny and interesting stories over and over again. Make up a short story about a fairy toothbrush that chases away evil germs, the learning will go great!

Make up a Funny Song About Brushing Your Teeth

Make up a funny song to sing every time you brush your teeth. You can use the motif of well-known songs. The easier the song is, the better they will be able to remember it and the better they will brush their teeth.

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