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6 Things that Can Make College Life a Whole Lot Easier

College life is extremely demanding because of the high expectations set for today’s students. Especially, now that the education system all over the world experiences a dramatic transformation due to the pandemic. The youths need to be flexible in order to rapidly adapt to the fast-changing circumstances.

Group of College Students

Being a college student also means having adult responsibilities, like budget planning and domestic chores. In addition, students need to learn how to make extra money for leisure activities and keep up with the studies at the same time. What’s more, being far from family makes young people homesick.

The combination of these complicating factors can make college life very tough. Hence, students need something that will relieve their burden. Let’s have a look at some tools that can make college life more manageable and enjoyable.


Apps can serve a variety of students’ purposes. First of all, they can be used for learning as they provide study materials. Some of them are great for research, like Mendely, which is a personal research library, or myBib – a bibliography manager. There are also many organizational apps in which you can add a list of tasks for a day, week, or even a term and receive regular reminders about them.

Budgeting apps allow students to manage their monthly spending and get recommendations on budget planning. Some of them can be used to effortlessly pay bills or even save money. For example, Mint is perfect for such goals. Students that lead a healthy lifestyle could benefit from MyFitnessPal, which is an app that tracks workouts, eating habits, and even sleep.

Study groups

For most people, it’s challenging to study alone as this is a monotonous activity that gets boring very quickly. Dull learning rather makes students discouraged than contributes to academic success. Hence, it would be more beneficial to study in the company of peers. Let’s find out why!

Basically, individuals studying in groups learn faster than those who cram alone. There is always someone to explain complicated concepts that you can’t understand or support you when you feel don’t feel motivated. Also, frequently scheduled group study sessions can help you beat procrastination. If you have a set time for studying, there is no chance to leave things to the last minute.

Tutoring sessions

Diligent students always try to complete all home tasks on their own. But in reality, it turns out to be impossible, especially when it comes to subjects like Chemistry. It requires an enormous amount of time and huge efforts. Doing the entire job by yourself is both physically exhausting and emotionally draining. From my own experience, the things got better when I realized the following ‘tutor will help me with Chemistry and any other subject that takes too much time’. Hence, I turned to my college friend and he explained me some Chemistry formulas and difficult concepts. I’m sure, you also won’t regret if you seek assistance with complicated assignments or delegate some of your homework. Of course, it won’t make your college life absolutely trouble-free, but for sure, it is a great way to reduce study-related stress.

Physical activity

Multiple studies have found a positive correlation between physical activity and the efficiency of cognitive functioning. Scientists argue that regular exercise affects parts of the brain that support complex cognitive processes. As the body is pumping oxygen and nutrients to the brain while you are doing fitness, your brainpower grows. This way, sports make you more alert and enhance learning.

Improved cognitive functioning directly influences academic performance. Students that are engaged in regular sports activities find it easier to study. They are less likely to encounter difficulties in class and can deal with ambitious projects better.


Planning can free your mind from constantly thinking about what you need to do next. Having a schedule prevents you from forgetting important things and potential problems associated with this. Once you have a plan that brings more order and clarity, you can easier focus on your tasks and be more productive.

Besides, having a schedule gives you an understanding of how much work you do. This can be quite encouraging as you realize that you are able to deal with multiple tasks and should be proud of yourself. A schedule may also remind you that you need to take a break and unwind after completing your assignments, so it adds balance to your life. 

Recording device

Probably, you’ve experienced a situation when some intricate parts of a lecture weren’t understandable at all and none of your peers can explain them. What should you do in such cases if you don’t want to fall behind with your studies? The answer is to record lectures (only if it’s allowed, of course). Once you have a record, you can always listen to complicated sections again and research them on your own in a calm home setting.

A recording device could be a solution for those who study in a foreign language and need to listen to the information a few times in order to get a deeper understanding of it. International students can come back to the lecture anytime and take notes at their pace.

Author’s BIO

Michael Turner is a study tutor and academic writer. Michael’s main job is assisting students with homework, projects, assessment preparation, research, and some other academic tasks. He also teaches them things that help to improve academic performance, such as study strategies, note-taking, and approaches to answering test questions.

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