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6 Things That You Should Capture On Your Wedding

Your wedding day will fly by in a flurry of excitement and happiness. There’s no doubt you’ll be overwhelmed with all the goings-on and won’t want to miss out on anything. But when the smoke settles and the party is over, it’s often the little things that make the biggest impact on you after all is said and done. To help you capture those magical moments forever, here are some suggestions for the stuff you should never leave behind!

The Dress

Whether this is your actual wedding dress or just the bridesmaid’s version, this garment will be a centerpiece of many different shots. Be sure to get this beautiful moment documented from every angle and in every light. It may seem like overkill, but this “dress” day will likely be one of the last times you’ll wear this garment. To get an idea of how impressive the wedding dress photographs can be, take a tour through this site, but be careful – it might leave you speechless! Capturing the moments of putting the dress on, looking in the mirror, spinning around for your bridesmaids to see – this is all par for the course.

The Shoes

These are a definite necessity on your big day, and they deserve a place in history, too! Take one last picture of you wearing them before you take them off, documenting the journey that is walking down the aisle in heels. Or, if you’re not wearing heels, make sure someone gets a shot of your shoes with all the details since they likely took some effort to find. If you’re wearing special shoes, this is where you can get creative! Take pictures of them during the reception, dancing with your hubby-to-be or playing footsy under the table with him.

The Details

Of course, this is something you’ll be seeing up close and in-person throughout the day, but this is also a moment that can get overlooked. These “little things” will be big memories later on – so take some time and snap away at all the personal touches that mean so much to you, like handwritten signs and your emotional mom who made your escort cards or the flowers on the cake table that you picked out yourself. They say that happiness is in the little things for a reason, so this is your chance to capture this philosophy in action.

The Rings

There’s no way you’ll forget this detail, but this is also another one of those symbolic moments that can make for some incredible pictures as well. Make sure to get a close-up as your fiance slides this important piece of jewelry onto your finger – this moment will be memorable even when this wedding day has faded from your memory. The unique idea is to have this moment captured from your perspective of looking up at him. If this doesn’t happen naturally, this is a good time to get the photographer’s assistance in making this happen! Besides, this can be a great opportunity to capture this moment with everyone looking up at the two of you – this is the time for romantic, close-up shots.

The Happiness 

Even though this is what this day is all about, this can be a trickier thing to capture. You will know this feeling when you feel it – the warmth in your chest and the fluttery sensation of being overwhelmed with happiness. It’s this moment that you’re working toward from the time you start planning this wedding until this very moment, so this is the time when you’ll want to capture this feeling, too. Make sure to get pictures of this happiness in your loved ones – this is when your parents are smiling like they’ve never smiled before (and this is why), or when your grandmother finally gets to see her grandson walk down the aisle. The moments captured here can be some of the most precious this photographer will ever see.


The most important part of your big day by far, take time to capture the love emanating from you and your new spouse. Whether it’s a kiss at the altar or an intimate exchange after the wedding party has gone home, make sure someone is there with their camera to show everyone how much you’re enjoying this special moment.  It might be challenging to capture this moment without feeling self-conscious, but this is a good time to get the photographer’s help in this endeavor. Have them give you a subtle signal or pose that will put your minds at ease and make this one of the most beautiful pictures of the day.

Your wedding day is the beginning of a new life, which is why it’s so important to capture every detail that comes with it. Whether you’re planning on using your wedding album as your main keepsake or not, these shots are sure to come in handy when you want to reminisce about each and every magical moment!

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