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6 Useful Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Parents With

Surprising your parents with gifts is a tradition that has been around for many years. It is a way to show them your appreciation for all they have done for you. If you are looking for some ideas on what to get your parents, here are six suggestions that will be sure to please.

An Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are usually not what people think about when it comes to gift-giving. However, parents who are busy with work or travel may appreciate an alarm clock for its functionality more than anything else. Since most phones have built-in alarms these days, you can opt for a model with added features like an FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone charging abilities. You can also look into minimalist alarm clocks, which are easy to use and show the time clearly. Since there are many options, here are tips for choosing:

Simple and easy-to-use is the best. No flashing lights or loud numbers, as these can disturb sleepers. Buy a model with automatic dimming to avoid brightness during nighttime.

Check that the alarm clock has a snooze button in case oversleeping occurs.

Does not take up too much space. A small clock with an alarm function will help ensure that they never miss another appointment again.

Health and Fitness Gadgets

An increasingly popular gift option for parents is health and fitness gadgets. These devices can help monitor heart rate, steps taken, sleep quality, and more. If your parents are always on the go, a health and fitness gadget may be the perfect way to help them stay healthy. There are many different types of gadgets on the market, so it is important to do your research before buying. Here are some of the best gadgets to get them:

A Fitbit

A Fitbit is a great gift for those who are always on the go. Trackers like the Fitbit Flex 2 not only monitor steps taken but also heart rate and sleep quality. Different models can show texts and calendar notifications as well as provide alerts to smartphones.

The Fitbit is splash-proof and comes with a one-year warranty. No need for straps, just clip it to clothing.

Choose a model that has good reviews, especially the heart rate monitor. This ensures that you are getting accurate data about your parent’s health.

A ZEO Smart Scale

The Zeo smart scale is another great option for those who want to keep track of their weight and more. Weight, BMI, body water percentage, muscle mass, and bone density can all be tracked with this gadget. It syncs wirelessly to the ZEO app on a smartphone for easy access.

The ZEO scale is very easy to use and has a sleek design that will look good in any bathroom. It connects via Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi.

The ZEO scale has great reviews, but make sure to buy the newest model to get the latest features like Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility and an improved app.

A Wireless Activity Tracker

A wireless activity tracker is perfect for those who want to monitor their health but don’t want to wear a device on their wrist. The tracker attaches to clothing and is very lightweight. It tracks heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned.

The tracker has a long battery life and syncs wirelessly to a smartphone app.

This device may not be ideal for older parents since it is small and must be attached to clothing. They may prefer an app that can track their health on a daily basis instead of checking a physical tracker each time they want to know how many steps they have taken, etc.

A Waterproof Digital Scale

This digital scale is great for those who need a device that can handle large weights. Waterproof and sturdy, this model can weigh up to 330 pounds. The backlight makes it easy to read in any light. With this scale, your parents can track weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. The scale has a one-year warranty and syncs with a smartphone app.

A Grocery Subscription Service

If your parents love trying new foods from around the world, buying a subscription to a grocery delivery service may be the perfect gift. Even those who have full-time jobs and limited time for cooking can benefit from this type of service as it provides them with healthier options.

There are many food delivery services available, but choose a subscription service that delivers to your parent’s area and provides a wide range of meal options. They should be able to choose from vegetarian, Paleo, low-carb, low-sugar, gluten-free, etc., options.

Also, choose a subscription service that offers delivery services during non-peak hours. 

A Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great gift for any parent who wants to save money on their heating and cooling costs while also reducing their carbon footprint. A smart thermostat works by learning the temperature preferences of users over time. They may even save 5-15 per cent on annual heating costs, depending on factors like climate and house insulation.

Many smart thermostats can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. This is a great feature for parents who are often away from home.

Choose a thermostat that has good reviews and is compatible with your parent’s heating and cooling system. Also, make sure to find one that offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

A Home Security Camera

Even those who feel safe in their neighbourhood may want extra security while they are away from home. A home security camera can help to provide that extra peace of mind.

There are many different types of home security cameras available on the market. Choose one that is easy to set up and fits the needs of your parents. For example, if they are often away from home, choose a camera with remote access capabilities.

If you live far away from your parents and don’t want to install a camera yourself, you can always hire a surveillance company to set one up.

A Smart TV

For those who want to watch their favourite shows in the comfort of home, a smart TV is a perfect gift. Smart TVs are available in both LED and smart OLED models.

There are many types of smart TVs available on the market, so choose one that has the particular features your parents want most. For example, if they love watching sports, find a TV with built-in apps for their favourite streaming services like MLB.TV.

Or, if they are always losing the remote, find a TV with a built-in voice control system.

Finding a useful gift for your parents every year can be difficult, but not impossible. All of these gifts are useful for older parents. No matter what gift you choose for your parents, make sure to personalize it with a heartfelt card or note. Tell them how much you appreciate all they do for you and how much you love them. 

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