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6 Useful Tools That Will Make Caring for Your Dog Easier

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your dog’s overall condition. Kip Doggy Day Care Sydney advises that besides providing time, affection, and love to your pet, keeping their health and hygiene in check is also crucial.

Maintaining your dog’s hygiene will keep them happier, healthier, and protect them from diseases. The market for pet hygiene tools is filled with an overwhelming number of products, making it a daunting task to pick the ones that you might need. Read on as we share 6 essential tools that will take care of your dog’s grooming requirements.

Pet Owner Tips


  • Brushing Your Pet

Dogs are energetic pets and mostly spend their day playing, exploring the premises, and messing around. You can expect dog hair to fall virtually everywhere around the house if you don’t follow a daily brushing routine. Several dog species require extensive hair-care routines, but in general, brushing works for all. Following a morning brushing routine ensures that broken or weak hair gets removed, decreasing the amount of fallen hair around the house. Besides removing loose fur, brushing also prevents the build of debris and bacteria. Only a five-minute brushing routine can keep your dog clean and protect from skin diseases. The loose fur can be easily collected by a cleaning brush or a vacuum. 

  • Bathing

According to veterinary doctors, dogs should be bathed at least once a month. The number of bathing sessions can be modified in case of a medical condition, their activity level, dog breed, and their health. However, bathing your dog several times a month under normal conditions can result in dry skin. Bathing gloves can be used if your dog has a short fur coat. For dogs with a long-hair coat, you can opt for a hand-mounted shower and scrubber that will make sure to remove debris build-up at the hair base. 

  • Grooming Kits

Essentially every dog species requires grooming, but several species might require more attention than others. There is no single method or strategy that can be followed to groom your pet. It all depends on your dog’s breed and coat. It is always best to understand your pet’s grooming requirements before you click here to find the grooming tools perfect for your dog. Understanding your requirements and picking the right tools are essential when it comes to maintaining your pet’s hygiene. Therefore, give time to know more about the type of coat to select the right tools. If you have trouble with picking grooming tools, contacting a pet grooming expert will never hurt. 

  • Keeping Beds Clean

Crates, floor cushions, dog mats, and beds should be cleaned frequently. Cleaning the areas and bedding your dog uses frequently will eliminate the chances of bacteria or debris building up. Furthermore, it prevents bad odor from developing that can be carried with the pet. 

  • Wiping the Feet

Feet can be cleaned effectively using wipes to freshen up paws, deodorize, clean drool, and remove food particles with ease. You can make it a routine to wipe your dog’s feet each time they come home from a walk. A soft washcloth and warm water with added antiseptic liquid can also be used as an alternative to wipes.

  • Hygiene and Diet

Maintaining oral hygiene is overlooked most of the time by pet owners. It is crucial to keep the teeth free from plaque build-up and gum diseases. There are a variety of options like using water additives, feeding the dog dental bones, or cleaning the teeth with a toothbrush. While giving a bath with warm water and soap might not be enough. You have to select the right type of shampoo according to the dog’s coat to maintain that fresh and shiny look. Furthermore, shampoos naturally break down dirt and debris build-up, clean the skin, and provide nutrients favoring better hair growth. Organic shampoos are a nice option to consider as they are the safest to use for your pet. 

Feeding your dog a healthy and nutritious diet ensures that their immune system stays strong, fulfills their daily nutritional requirements, and is easy on your pet’s tummy. As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to feed your dog a diet containing 40% protein, 10% starch, and the remaining 50% with vegetables. The percentage can also be modified according to a veterinary dietician’s recommendation.

Keeping your dog healthy and groomed up is a constant effort that requires the right tools and a simple strategy to follow. By implementing the above tools and practices, you can easily tackle mostly everything when it comes to maintaining your pet’s look by yourself.

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