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6 Ways To Have Fun In Rome

Rome is a very interesting city, with a lot to do and see.  If you have never been to the city (which is also Italy’s capital city) then why not plan a trip this year? Because tourism was shut down due to COVID-19 for a few years, you can get some very good deals on accommodation, mainly because Italian hoteliers have lowered their prices to attract foreign visitors.

However, because Rome is such a big city (and because there is so much to do there) it is a very good idea to plan your trip before booking flights. The more prepared you are, the more fun your trip will be.

Here are six things that you can do to make your trip there more fun:

Historical Sites

One of the main reasons that people visit Rome is to see the city’s many historical sites and monuments. The Colosseum is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction. Next to the Colosseum are Constantine’s Arch, and the Roman Forum. The Vatican City is only a stone’s throw from the Colosseum, too. According to the specialists from RomeColosseumTickets, you can book your tickets for the Colosseum online. You can also book tickets for the Roman Forum and the Vatican City online, too. Make sure that when you are booking tickets, you get them from a reliable vendor. Never buy tickets on the street from touts. It is very common to find touts hanging around outside historical sites in Rome, selling tickets.

Eating Out

Rome isn’t just famous for its many historical sites. It is also famous for its food. A lot of people eat pizza in Rome, wrongly assuming that all Italian pizza is of equal quality. This is not true. Naples is the best place to visit if you want pizza. If you want pasta and other dishes, however, then Rome is the place to go. You can also get some incredible sandwiches in Rome. Restaurants in Rome can be very expensive though, so try to eat out at small local restaurants, rather than ones catering to tourists.

Wine Tasting

Italy is famous all around the world for its wine. It should not come as a surprise to you to learn that you can find some of Italy’s best wine in Rome, then. If you are a fan of wine, then do your research online first so that you can find the best wine shops, and restaurants serving wine in the country. Also, around Rome, you can find vineyards. Many vineyards will allow you to take tours of them. If you plan on taking a tour of a vineyard, then book online in advance first, so you can save yourself money.

Walking Tours

Rome’s architecture is one of a kind. It is a mix of ancient, medieval, classical, and neoclassical buildings. If you are a fan of architecture (or it interests you) then why not take a walking tour of Rome? A walking tour is without a doubt the best way to see everything that Rome has to offer. The best thing about a walking tour is that you can usually book them for next to nothing.  The same company that you get tickets to Rome’s many historical attractions from might even offer tours, so look into that.

Country Walks

City walks aren’t all Rome has to offer. Around Rome, you can find rolling hills, verdant countryside, and plenty of vineyards.  If you want to truly experience Rome, then start by exploring the surrounding countryside. The countryside around Rome is very large, so make sure that you take a GPS tracker and a map with you, so you can track your route.  If you get lost, you could have trouble finding your way back without these things. Make sure you take proper walking gear with you, so you don’t injure yourself when you are out hiking.

Luxury Hotels

Unlike many other European cities, Rome does not really have a shoulder season. The lack of a shoulder season means that in Rome, prices remain the same throughout the year. With that said, you can save money by booking your accommodation several months in advance of your trip. Booking in advance will allow you to significantly reduce the amount that you have to spend on hotel rooms. If you are on a very strict budget and do not have enough money to pay for luxury hotel rooms even in advance, then why not book using a pay-in-three provider like Klarna?

Rome is a popular place for European tourists to visit because it is cheap to get to (thanks to Europe’s myriad budget airlines) and it is a very welcoming place. There really is nowhere in Europe like Rome, so give visiting some consideration.

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