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6 Ways to Increase Your Reach on Spotify

Spotify is the place where you shall find everybody, the entire world. Especially with lockdown amid the Coronavirus pandemic, Spotify has become the best place to hear and be heard. You can create and release music, podcasts, singles, albums and whatnot. It’s a great platform for blooming singers with a great chance and opportunity to be heard. But, nobody would know about you until you make yourself known. Creating Spotify playlists won’t bring people to it, you need to take the playlist to them. You need to expand the reach so that there is a higher level of engagement.


The ways to expand reach is listed below:

Buy Spotify streams

One of the best ways to top the chart is by buying Spotify streams that will get you a number which is a sign of progress. It is a representation of social proof that will attract organic followers and plays. It will help in the recognition of the work you are doing through the curated playlists. Moreover, when you have great many plays and followers it will help you become a verified member that will make you an influencer which has a truckload of benefits. Moreover, when you buy Spotify streams and gain huge followers and plays, it allows you to experiment and try without fearing that your popularity may decrease. Thus, buy Spotify streams as it will not just help you expand your reach but also invite a huge lot of other benefits.

Link to Spotify on social media

Social media is a platform that promises maximum engagement and wider reach. It also provides avenues and opportunities to promote whatever kind of service you indulge in. The best example is the Instagram Shop feature that allows you to add the link of the shop to your description, from where you can direct your followers to your store and turn them into customers. Likewise, link the website of your Spotify to all your social media platforms and promote it through stories, posts, videos etc. Add the link to the description and the about section. Additionally, post the link to your Spotify playlist on Facebook and Twitter, asking your followers to follow it. If you make an album or release a single, promote it through reel videos, posts and stories in the form of teasers, trailers to keep the followers hyped and in suspense about it. Make the best use of social media features and expand your reach on Spotify.

Make sure to add the Spotify “follow” widget to your website

The best part about Spotify is that they have an amazing widget i.e. the follow widget which is similar to the Facebook like feature on Instagram’s follow feature. Make sure you add this special widget to your website. Add this on your Spotify playlist album of any place where you have music. If you are aware of the most visited place on your Spotify website, add the following widget there too. Adding this feature will allow you to gain followers that will lead to higher level of engagement which will widen the reach. It will also allow the followers who want to be updated about your upcoming songs. Thus, add this feature and expand your reach.

Include a link in your newsletter

Newsletters are like a bulletin that updates people about upcoming events or gives out confidential news of specific interest to people. In case you have a newsletter, make sure you add the Spotify website link to it so that your fans can follow you. You must incorporate and include the link to every newsletter you release if you genuinely want to hear people listen to you and your music. Same like a social media, let your followers know if you are going to release your single, album or podcast. Just add a link and you are good to go.

Create your own Spotify playlists

Another fun way to expand your reach and get new Spotify followers is by creating a Spotify playlist that can include your songs and also other bands who you love or fit your genre of music. When you feel they fit within the rhythm and theme of your playlist or music, add them. This opens doors of opportunities for you to post on social media, add the playlist link to your description and promote it. Make sure you tag the bands you include in your playlist as this would allow you to engage with new followers and draw new fans who follow the band but don’t know you. It’s a great opportunity to expand your reach, ensure maximum engagement and increase Spotify followers. The strategy that you need to adopt while creating the playlist is ensure it has a minimum of 20 songs. Another important thing to consider is ensure the same artist isn’t repeated a couple of times so as to improve the chances of Spotify aggregators finding and following the playlist you have created.

Share your unique Spotify code

Another amazing way to expand reach on Spotify is to use the unique, new tool that Spotify has just added in their features some time back i.e. a QR code image that can be directly scanned and take your fans to your music instantly. It’s similar to the Snapcode feature on Snapchat. You scan directly from your phone and listen to the music instantly.

For instance: if you are playing a show where you have the golden opportunity to attract new fans to the music you are creating. On the merch booth where you set up a station, add the QR code so that your fans can scan and connect directly to their phones. Additionally, you can add QR codes in traditional merchandise such as music posters, postcards, CD artwork, social media posts, social media stories etc. Wider reach and higher level of engagement is definitely going to happen which would increase your followers.

To be heard, buy Spotify streams that will not only increase the level of engagement but also expand your reach. Use the ways mentioned above to widen your reach on Spotify.

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