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6 Winter Fitness Tips

Keeping fit during the winter is hard. It’s cold, our bodies ache more, and there’s temptation all around us, both in terms of cozy days on the couch watching Christmas movies on Netflix, and all the food and drink that we enjoy indulging in at this time of the year. Let’s face it, few of us actually want to go out for a run when there’s frost on the ground, and even hitting the gym can be harder than usual when it’s dark, grey, and cold.

But staying fit over winter is incredibly important. Firstly, you don’t want to undo all the hard work that you’ve put in during warmer times. You don’t want to find that by April, you are back to square one. More importantly, exercising through winter can boost your mental health, helping you to defeat any seasonal depression. It will also boost your energy levels, keep any festive weight gain in check, fight off colds and other winter bugs, and generally help you to get through the winter. Here are some tips to help you stay fit this winter.

Care for Your Health

One of the things that hold us back in winter is illness. Colds, coughs, and other bugs are common. Try to prevent them with good hygiene and plenty of vitamin C. Then if you do feel ill, rest. It’s generally okay to exercise as long as you feel able, and have no symptoms in your chest, but it’s also okay to go easy on yourself.

Give Your Joints Some TLC

It’s common to experience joint pain in the winter, especially if you exercise a lot. It’s also common for these aches and pains to get worse as we get older. Some pain is normal, and you can reduce it with warmups and cool downs, soaks in the bath, and comforting yoga routines and massages. But it’s also important that you recognize the difference between normal pain, and there being something wrong. If you are worried about pain, especially in knees and other joints, you might need to look at help from Kneecare Clinics for Viscosupplement St. Louis. A Viscosupplement injection can reduce pain, ease swelling and offer knee support.

Warm Up Indoors

When it’s cold, you must complete a full, dynamic warmup indoors, to get your blood pumping and warm your muscles before you go out into the cold. This will make your workout easier and reduce the risk of injury.

Layer Up

Regulating your temperate when it’s cold can be tough. You’ll be cold when you start, but as you move, you’ll quickly warm up. You might also need to keep dry. Wear several light layers that you can easily remove if you need to and make sure your top layer is waterproof and that you have gloves and something to cover your ears.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Realistically, you aren’t going to be able to exercise outdoors every day through the winter. There are bound to be days when it’s just not safe to be outside for longer than you need to. So, make sure you’ve got a backup plan. Find workout videos online, invest in some supplies such as weights and a mat, and make sure there is always something that you can do.

Manage Your Time

If you don’t like exercising when it’s dark, try not to. If you feel more energetic early in the day, plan morning workouts. Schedule workouts, plan them around your day and try to make exercise as easy to do as you can, especially when you are busy.

Often, the key to keeping fit in winter is not trying to carry on with your summer routines. Make some changes to the exercises that you do, the times that you work out, the layers that you wear, and your aftercare routines to ensure you can keep going all year long.

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