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7 Crucial Factors To Look For In An ID Badge Reel

If you frequently use an ID badge for your work, you will agree that it can be frustrating to reach out to your pocket every time you need to show your ID. Also, you might often leave it at your home, at an office desk, or in the office suitcase. In such cases, it’s best to use a retractable badgeholder that has a retractable badge reel. You can attach your ID badge, key, or small tools to reach them quickly without much hassle.

You must be thinking about why buying a badge reel is such a big deal. Any random badge reel can do the work, right? Well, no. You cannot use random, poor-quality badge reels and risk losing your ID badge and credit and debit cards. That’s why you should always be careful while purchasing a badge reel.

Don’t worry! Here are seven essential things to look for in an ID badge reel. It will help you find the right product from a plethora of options.

End Fitting

One of the most critical components of the badge reel is the end fitting. If you don’t want your badge to get separated and misplaced, you must double-check what type of end fitting the badge has.

The end fitting is the mechanism that connects the badge reel to the ID badge. It has to be durable to withstand the force from the reel. The end fitting determines how the ID badge will be attached to the retractable badge holder.

There are various types of end fittings, and here are some of them:

  • Keyring
  • Strap clip
  • Badge reel
  • Reinforced strap clip
  • Vinyl strap
  • Pencil holder
  • Card clip
  • Steel loop

Make sure you choose the end fitting suitable for your badge.

Color options

Badge reels come in a lot of color options. You can choose from colors like red, black, green, blue, white, orange, etc. It’s a good idea to check the colors on your ID. That way, you can choose a similar color for your badge reel. If your workplace or the event has a specific dress code or uniform, make sure the color is appropriate for the dress code.

Clip types

Badge reels come with clip types that help you attach your badge anywhere. The badge clip allows you to attach your badge to your pant hooks, suitcase, or backpack. That clip must be durable and tight, so it won’t get detached from where it is attached. Badge reels come with various clips, and here are some of them:

  • Carabiner
  • Belt clip
  • Swivel spring clip
  • Lanyard
  • Spring clip
  • Mounting bracket
  • Belt loop


The shape of the badge reel determines its function and appearance. You can find badge reels in 2 shapes, which are round and oval. Though the shape of the reel might have different shapes, the underlying retractable mechanism is round in shape, which makes it retract the thread into the reel.


Though price shouldn’t be the only factor in making a purchase decision, you should always check the price while making any purchase decision. Though it’s good to spend money on quality products, you should know the price range, so you don’t overpay. Depending on the features, function, and quality, badge reels can cost from $0.80 to $5. You can choose the product that you think has the right price.


The breakaway allows you to detach the lanyard from the badge reel. You can easily hang the badge reel where it is best displayed and yet use it for swapping it. Check whether the badge reel has this feature when you buy it.


The material of the badge really determines its durability. Most badge reels are made of polyester and polypropylene. These are very durable materials that prolong the badge reel’s life.

Buying a decent badge reel doesn’t have to be complicated. If you know what you want and what to look for, you can easily find the best badge reel with features that fit your budget.



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