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These 7 Expert-Approved Bathroom Makeover Ideas Never Fail

Every room in your home has a specific purpose and contributes to your home’s functionality. When considering what are the most functional rooms in your home, the two of them are to be distinguished and these are the kitchen and bathroom. Anyway, it does not matter if you have just moved to your home or planning to make a complete makeover of your home, here are some simple ideas you can use for your bathroom to make it look as if it is a part of the interior design magazine. Hence, here are a couple of ideas you can use when improving your bathroom. 

Make Use of Each of Your Six Walls 

When decorating your bathroom, remember that floor and ceiling are walls as well, and decorate them accordingly. Whenever we take space as a whole, we assume that there are usually walls, but the ceiling and floor can make quite a statement too. Usually, people tend to use light-colored walls or tiles but it is not a bad idea to play with colors and add some contrast. Even though you should keep a monochromatic color scheme for your sidewalls, you can always pop some color on the floor or ceiling. The list of possibilities here is endless. You can either go with contrasting ceilings or tiles in vivid colors or with colorful patterns or decide to try out those super attractive 3D materials. There is a huge impact when these are colored in some contrasting patterns such as giving deepness to the space and will draw attention to the upper walls. 


Choose the Pieces That Are Stylish and Functional 

When designing your bathroom, it’s essential to consider how to improve the space’s utility, which may be accomplished by renovations and the addition of components that contribute to the space’s functioning. Luckily, today, there is a wide range of elements you can use during bathroom renovations that have both nice aesthetics and justified purpose. For instance, some space-saving solutions such as hanging shelves and cabinets can provide you with loads of space that can enable you to fit in all the things you want and have sleek and clean aesthetics. You may also look into some creative towel folding ideas to improve the aesthetics of your area, and by adding a few hooks to hang your towels and robes, you can save space and make it less congested.

See What Space Is Available for Decoration

When you are decorating and you are limited in space because your bathroom is small, then you should look up the free spots and see how you can use them. Another interesting project when you are limited with space is changing your shower. Even though this requires installation, you can replace your shower curtain with glass and change the tiles inside the shower so it creates a contrast. Like this, you will give some personality to your shower. 

Make the Best of Your Space 

You really need to be smart and see how you can use every inch of the space you have available in your bathroom. Just as it is previously mentioned, there are specially designed shelves, cabinets, or even baskets that can help you increase the space you use and will help you fit more things in. 


Consider Mastering Proper Storage 

The moment you get your shelves organized, it is a great idea to use baskets and containers to store all of the things properly, create the space for every item, and sort them out per your wishes. Also, by using these containers, you will keep all of your stuff hidden from the direct view. You can also use organizers to make your drawers neat and will keep your bathroom 100% organized even in the moments of rush. 

Improve Your Bathroom Lighting 

The problem with bathrooms is that they seem much smaller beside the light tiles and walls, and you can make your bathroom appear spacier just by using proper lighting. This will not only improve the aesthetics of your bathroom but will make it a perfect makeup spot. 

Add Some Plants In 

This is part of the newest trend but can make your space appear richer and will definitely make it stand out. This does not mean that you should turn your bathroom into a botanical garden, but putting a plant on the shelf will visually improve the space and even make it smell better, depending on the plant you are using. 

You can do a lot of things to make your bathroom look better and more functional. Unless you consider complete renovation and reconstruction, most of these bathroom projects can be done on a budget. 

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