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7 Mistakes You Cannot Afford While Choosing Carpet Cleaning Services

Whether planning a family get-together or a grand ring ceremony, cleaning your house will be your priority.

And your carpet is one of the larger decorating investments you make in your home.

Your carpets may appear old and dingy due to regular foot traffic, pet fur, and food stains, and they may acquire dirt, filth, and bacteria.

But not anymore!

With professional carpet cleaning in Surrey, you can enhance your carpet’s overall look while eliminating bad odor and stubborn stains.

However, choosing experts isn’t a cakewalk! If you make any of the following mistakes in choosing the wrong commercial carpet cleaner, it might cost you.

Mistake #1: Hiring Based Only on Equipment 

Choosing a carpet cleaner solely based on its equipment. Your carpet cleaner, without a doubt, requires top-notch equipment. Professionals do, however, require something else. They require people who are capable of operating the machinery. Although many businesses own hot-water extractors, few instruct their personnel on utilizing them appropriately.

The easiest approach to ensure that the carpet cleaner’s personnel have had sufficient training is to check for certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Mistake #2: Not Going Through Reviews

The quality of the carpet cleaning company’s work and customer service is reflected in the reviews. They can also share information about their previous customers’ experiences with them. You can determine whether or not you wish to cooperate with the organization after reading their testimonials.

Mistake #3: Failing to Treat Stains Quickly

The longer a stain sits in carpet fibers, the more difficult it is to remove it completely. The idea is to have a carpet cleaning firm on standby so you can notify them as soon as a spill occurs. Many professional carpet cleaning firms offer carpet appearance management programs, including stain removal.

Mistake #4: Not Checking their Experience

Partnering with an experienced, reliable, and competent commercial carpet cleaning business is in your best interests.

It’s also a good idea to hire carpet cleaners that have earned professional credentials. Make sure you go to the company’s website or confront them to check their experience, certification, or achievement.

Mistake #5: Hiring a Company that Has No Insurance

Working with a carpet cleaning business with good insurance plans is important. If any accidents or mishaps occur while working with you, an insured company will be able to reimburse you. You will not be responsible for out-of-pocket costs if your property is harmed.

Mistake #6: Choosing a Company that Doesn’t Offer Money-Back Guarantee

A carpet cleaner who does provide a money-back guarantee. Every carpet cleaning business should take full responsibility for its work. Period. All carpet cleaners do not offer a guarantee.

Alternatively, if they do, the guarantee could be ‘limited.’ Inquire if the carpet cleaner offers a money-back guarantee and confirm it is included in the quotation or invoice.

Mistake #7: Choosing Carpet Cleaners Based on Promotions

Many people are duped by company promos and vouchers that use bait and switch methods. The deal will contain a low price that does not define what is included. When the consumer calls to enquire about or schedule their cleaning services, the technician will “up-sell” additional services.


Choosing the best carpet cleaning may let you reap abundant aesthetic and health benefits.

Make sure you avoid making these mistakes while choosing an ideal carpet cleaning company for your home.

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