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7 Things That You Need To Learn Before Your First Baby

Being a parent can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many skills and techniques to learn before it’s time to have your first baby, but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll explore the 7 things that you need to know before becoming a mom or dad for the first time.

1. Swaddling

Using a swaddle blanket to put your little one down for a nap is something that new parents do, even if they can’t explain why it works. The truth is, the young ones feel more secure in a tight hug. Swaddling helps them sleep better and stay asleep longer by limiting their movement in bed or when in a crib. If you want to learn how to exactly swaddle a baby, learn more here. You’ll want to know how to do this because it improves sleep and reduces fussiness.

2. Diaper Changing

You might cringe at this one, but you need to know how to change a diaper. Even if you’re not going to be the one taking care of your baby while he or she is wearing it, somebody will be doing it. You should consider yourself lucky that there are so many options to choose from these days, but this is something that YOU need to know how to do. You don’t want to be the person who’s struggling with it while everybody else around you seems like an expert. Both you and your partner should be familiar with diaper changing because you’ll probably take turns every day when it comes to baby duties. 

3. Burping

New parents are often amazed at how much gas their newborns have! Burping your little one throughout the day will help to reduce spit-up, belching, and other gassy symptoms associated with colic. These episodes can be extremely painful for babies so it’s important to keep them calm during these times. Learning how to burp a baby is essential because it will help you relieve your little one’s discomfort. Parents are always looking for ways to prevent fussiness, and this is certainly one of the best options.

4. Swaddling vs. Unswaddling

As we mentioned above, swaddling helps babies feel secure and safe in their environment by limiting their movement and restricting them from waking themselves up with sudden movements or sounds that they might make. Of course, you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible, but there is such a thing as unswaddling which can be just as important too! It may sound strange at first because why would you need to undo the swaddled.? It’s very simple If you can’t get your baby to stop crying, calming him or her down might not be easy with the swaddle blanket on. You might have to undo it to calm them because there are no tight restrictions around their waist when they’re free of this wrapping technique.

5. Sleep Training

If your baby spends hours at night crying because he or she hasn’t learned how to fall asleep by themselves yet, then sleep training is something that you’ll want to look into immediately. While some people swear by letting babies cry it out when they won’t go back to bed, not everybody agrees with this method so don’t try anything without doing your research first! However, there are other techniques to get your baby to fall asleep on their own if you’re not planning to let them cry it out. We recommend checking out this article for more information.

6. Feeding Schedules

Some parents believe that babies should be fed on demand while others think that a schedule is best, but you need to find a good medium between these two methods of feeding. Babies learn patterns very quickly and they might develop a certain expectation when it comes time for them to eat or be fed. This means that if you want them to eat healthy foods at the right times, they’ll appreciate having some sort of schedule from day one! 

7. Expectations

Last but certainly not least, you need to have realistic expectations of what it means to be a parent. It’s easy for anybody that doesn’t have a kid to say that they know exactly what being a parent is like because nobody understands until they’re in the situation themselves. Having unrealistic expectations of babies can be very confusing and frustrating so we recommend going into this experience with an open mind! 


Of course, parenting isn’t easy but there are ways for you to learn how to be a better parent even when things get tough. Isn’t that just one of the most important things that anybody could ever do? We hope that this article has been helpful and informative for anybody interested in being a better parent.

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