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7 Tips to Deal With Your Child Leaving Home for College

The summer before letting your child set off to college will inevitably be filled with a whole range of complex emotions, including sadness, loneliness, and many more. Every parent who has ever been there will agree that saying goodbye is pretty tough. But, what is even tougher is trying to deal with it when your child actually leaves.

Student Learning

Once being left all by themselves, parents often feel intense waves of nostalgia that can cause heartbreaking pain. It can feel like the end of a huge chapter in your life. So, it is pretty natural to feel sad about it. But, though it is natural, it doesn’t mean that you have to live with this pain for the rest of your life. In fact, it is vital that you find a way to cope with this emotional turbulence and get back to normal. And, in this article, we are going to tell you how!

Plan Shared Pastime for While Your Child Is in College

First and foremost, to deal with emotions, you have to realize that you are not saying goodbye forever. Even if your kid travels far away to attend college. And even if he or she will be super busy with all the academic stuff. Don’t forget that there will always be a possibility for your child to use an essay writing service online by EssayPro to save some time and spend it with you. Besides, there are also holidays, vacations, etc. So, the first tip is to not get despaired and plan your shared activities for the period while your kid is in college.

Schedule a family Thanksgiving dinner or plan a Christmas trip. Discuss the time when you will be able to visit your kid in college or when he or she will be able to travel back home. Simply put, make shared plans for the future and it will make it a bit easier to survive this hard parting.

Help With the Move

Parents often help their kids with shopping, packing, and moving to a new place. To some of them, it can feel like real torture. But, in most cases, it can actually be a pretty healing experience.

First of all, by participating in preparatory activities you will be able to spend more time with your kid before he or she leaves for college. Secondly, getting engaged in all this pleasant pre-college ado will keep you all busy and, thus, won’t leave time for negative emotions.

Don’t Get Distant

Sometimes, knowing that you will need to part with someone you love soon can make you want to get a bit distant from that person. This is a natural reaction. In fact, it is a kind of protection mechanism our brains have that is meant to protect us from pain and stress. But there is no need to say that distancing yourself from your child now will only result in disappointment later.

Instead, try to spend more time together. Make a focus on quality family pastimes. For example, watch movies together, go shopping, engage in different activities, go on a family vacation, and do everything else you want to do before your child leaves. Creating shared memories during the last months that you spent together will only strengthen your bond and will help you deal with parting easier.

Get Rid of the Last Time Syndrome

One of the most common issues facing parents during the last few months before their child leaves is the “last time syndrome”. Simply put, it is a common psychological syndrome (typically self-inflicted) that makes you feel like everything you do together with your child right now is happening for the last time. This syndrome can really play a bad joke on you. So, it is important to get rid of it ASAP!

Whenever watching a favorite TV show, going out to movies, or having dinner together with your child, don’t start thinking that it is the last time you are doing it. Instead, to cope with these emotions, consider scheduling the next time you will do something together when your child comes back to visit you or when you go to visit him. This trick will make it less stressful.

Reorganize Your Home After Your Kid Leaves

Parting with your kid can be painful. And it is even more painful to see so much stuff in your home that reminds you of your child. In this situation, reorganizing the space around you has two key goals.

First of all, it is a great way to distract. Getting yourself busy is the best way to live through the hard emotional time and recover. And the reorganization of your home can be a great way to stay busy for a while.

Secondly, giving your space a makeover is also a good way to put a focus back on you. Sending your kid to college is the opportunity that allows you to organize your space according to your personal needs and preferences, and to match it to your own lifestyle.

Redo Your Child’s Room

Apart from reorganizing the house, one more way to deal with parting is to redo your kid’s room. Many parents choose to leave their kid’s bedroom as it is. Of course, you are free to do the same. But, trust us, this will not make your parting any easier. On the contrary, keeping it as it is can only make you even more nostalgic about the past. So, instead, you can consider remodeling the space to your own liking.

One of the best ideas you can use is to turn your child’s bedroom into a special personal space you have always wanted to have in your house. For example, if you enjoy reading, you can turn it into your personal reading room. Also, you can use it as an art studio, home gym, or whatever else feels right for you.

Find a New Hobby

Finally, the last tip we can give you on how to deal with parting is to find a new hobby. As was mentioned earlier, sending your kid to college is a perfect opportunity to finally focus on you. After your child leaves, there will be no need to put his or her needs and wishes above yours. So, it is a perfect time to try new things that you’ve always wanted to try.

Take time to focus on what interests you personally. Try different types of hobbies to find something that works best for you. Consider sports and arts. For example, playing a musical instrument can be a good option. Another great hobby is traveling. Consider different options to see what feels right for you and use your newly-acquired hobby to deal with emotions and heal.

The Bottom Line

Letting your child leave for college is always sad. On the one hand, parents realize that this is the start of something big and important in their kid’s life. But, on the other hand, parting with them can feel too painful to be able to cope with this on your own.

Luckily, there are some ways to change this. Use the tips from this article to be able to deal with this emotional time and get rid of negative thoughts.

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