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7 Yoga Moves to Improve Sleep

Yoga might help you sleep because it helps relax your body and calm your mind by walking you through a series of movements that will have you practicing some of the same poses seen in traditional yoga practices.

Sleep-Improving Yoga Moves to Try Out

1. Corpse Pose.

Move the body into a series of positions that express stillness and calmness. It is an excellent pose to help you sleep because it helps alleviate stress and anxiety levels which are great for inducing sleep. It may take a while to achieve this pose after practice, but it is worth it because this simple pose can help you get to sleep faster and in an even better manner than you might think.

2. Cobra Pose.

Begin on the stomach and then slowly lift the belly area and chest off the ground while trying to straighten the arms. This position helps you burn fat by increasing your heart rate rapidly to improve circulation and slow down your heart rate by lowering your heart rate after completing the position. It also helps work out your arms, chest, abdomen, and back muscles and improves flexibility for improved digestion that promotes deep sleep.

3. Legs Up The Wall Pose.

Start supine and then lift the legs toward the ceiling. The legs will get close to the ears but won’t touch them while staying on the ground. This position helps improve flexibility and prevent injury by keeping joints loose and healthy. It also helps with circulation by improving lymphatic drainage throughout your body and boosting your metabolism by increasing blood flow pressure, eventually improving sleep.

4. Wide-Knee Child’s Pose.

Sit on the floor and then open your legs as wide as possible. The nose, ears, and forehead should touch the base in this position. It helps to improve the flexibility of all joints and muscles throughout the body by encouraging a full range of motion for healthy circulation in blood flow throughout the body. It also helps to prevent injury by making sure that all pressure on your joints is maintained at a minimum level which can prevent strain due to long periods of sitting or standing during the day when you are in a passive position without moving.

5. Shoulder Stand.

Lying Knee-to-Chest Pose. Start by lying on your back with the knees up and then bring the knees toward the chest while closing the eyes. This pose helps improve blood circulation throughout your body, which improves sleep because it lowers your blood pressure to prevent high blood pressure, which can cause damage to the body. It also helps you detoxify the liver to have a healthy body when you wake up in the morning.

6. Chair Pose.

Stand up and then bend forward with legs spread apart. When standing up from the ground, take a deep breath. It helps improve circulation in your body by improving blood flow throughout the body. It also helps prevent injury by strengthening your joints and muscles close to your spinal column. All these benefits add up to increased sleep quality in the long run because it has all the elements necessary for better sleep at night.

7. Boat Pose.

You can buy yoga straps at the store, which help you do the pose easily. Lay down on your back, place the rope over your feet, and raise your knees toward the chest. It helps to improve circulation throughout your body because of better blood flow at all times by simply holding a position for a short period which enables you to sleep better at night by reducing the depression and stress that most people face every day when they go through the daily grind of life.


Yoga is one of many great ways to reduce stress and anxiety levels, eventually leading to better sleep quality at night. It is important to note that many of these poses are relatively easy to do, while others may take some time and practice until they become natural patterns. It would be best if you always started with the easiest pose first before moving on to the next one to ease into the whole routine.

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