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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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8 Places You Can Take Your Baby To For Fun

Are you trying to do something for your baby this weekend? Are you thinking about taking them out somewhere fun but are worried about where to go?  Here are 8 fun places you can take your baby to for a good time!


Visit The Beach Or The Pool

A beach is a place where many people will go with their children, especially if they live close by. North or south coast, either will do – just keep the weather in mind! Pack up lots of supplies and head down to enjoy some time with your little one. The sunshine isn’t necessarily essential either – it’s just as good to walk along the promenade on a cloudy day. If you don’t have access to a beach near you, or you don’t want to spend the day surrounded by sand, take your baby to a local park and have fun pretending you’re on holiday! 

Depending on where you live, whether it be in the city or out of town, there will probably be a place that you can visit which contains water. Look around for local swimming pools – they are good fun for your baby to play in. Bring in some toys into the bathtub when the baby’s next due for a wash and prepare for some splashing fun.

Visit A Local Museum Or Art Gallery

Most cities and towns have a free museum or art gallery – these are perfect for taking babies because most will be filled with interesting things to touch and explore, without too much noise or loud music. Take them through each room to see what’s on display and then relax over a hot drink in the cafe while they play happily. If you’re feeling brave you could even take them out to dinner at an Indian restaurant! Just remember not to eat anything spicy yourself so you can enjoy it too!

Surf The Net For Options 

Sometimes, if you can’t find anything to do in your local area, the best thing you can do is head onto the internet and see what’s available. Many cities will have free or cheap summer camps for kids where they can learn to play an instrument, discover a new sport, or take part in drama classes. Others may have special workshops in movie making, drawing, or science – there are so many different things that one day might inspire your child. There are so many fun baby classes in London you can register and send your toddler to have a good time. If you want a day out to be able to relax and have fun, you can also consider going somewhere with a theme. Themed parks are perfect for children of all ages because they will thoroughly entertain your baby while being suitable for older kids as well. Most have rides and events going on every few hours so you can easily enjoy spending the whole day there.

Grocery Shopping With Your Baby

If you want something cheap and simple, go grocery or diaper shopping with your baby. It is a free activity that will keep your child entertained and you can get everything you need in one go. You don’t have to buy any special snacks and toys for this activity if you don’t want to – although it’s a good time to give your baby some new things just so they get used to them and enjoy playing with them. 

Visit A Toy Shop

Toy shops can be a great place to take babies and toddlers, but you will need to avoid the toy that goes ‘beep’ or makes loud noises. Some toys are meant for older children- check the age rating on the packaging before you buy it if you’re not sure. Toy shops are also usually very bright inside with lots of interesting sights to see – they are perfect places to go when you need something cheap yet fun to do!

Visit A Local Festival

Local festivals are brilliant places for babies because there is likely to be lots of free things going on, plus many people willing to talk and interact with them.  They may even get given some free samples to try out. This is the perfect opportunity to take your baby around and show them that everyone is welcome, no matter how old or young they are!

Go See Cartoons

If you want to take your baby somewhere for fun but also don’t want to spend too much money, go see a cartoon film in 3D. There are lots of cinemas that offer special screenings for kids on weekends. These are generally low cost and the staff will be able to help you with babies too (e.g., if they start screaming, or need feeding or changing). Check online before you visit any cinema though – different ones may vary on what they’re comfortable with! If nothing else it is an opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching cartoons without having to pay for all the merchandise that usually comes with them.

Visit The Playground 

A playground is a place with lots of different types of equipment your baby can play on. Some are better than others for babies that aren’t walking yet, which you might need to keep in mind before taking them along. There are some that have swings and see-saws which will hopefully interest them enough to forget about everything else around them! Just like at the park – check what facilities each playground has beforehand so you don’t get stuck without somewhere clean to change their nappy/clothes before heading home. If there isn’t anything suitable near where you live, go on an adventure outside instead and take some time out while they climb trees or investigate any holes they come across.


There are many different places you can take your baby with you when you go out. Try some of these ideas or come up with your own. If you want to stay right at home, that is fine too! As long as you’re spending time with your baby and having fun, they will grow up healthy and happy no matter what. If you don’t want to go anywhere all day long but still need a break, simply pack up some toys and snacks, dress up your baby and go for a picnic in the park!

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