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8 Tips for Supporting Your Dog’s Well Being

Our dogs aren’t just our pets; they’re also our greatest confidants, companions, and emotional support systems. Dogs provide humans with unconditional love and acceptance, even on our worst days, and won’t judge us regardless of how angry, sad, or happy we feel.

Pet Owner Tips

That kind of support deserves care and affection in return, which you can provide in the following 8 ways.

1. Exercise With Your Dog

Dogs, like humans, need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy, and a lack of it could lead to multiple health problems, including obesity, kidney issues, and arthritis. The more your pup walks and runs, the better their musical strength and cardiovascular health become.

Make sure your pet remains on a daily walking and playing schedule to keep them moving.

2. Feed Your Dog Organic Food

As pet parents, we have an obligation to feed our furry children the best food possible. Since dogs don’t produce as many digestive enzymes as humans, they will have a hard time keeping down food that contains milk, gluten, fillers, additives, and GMO-related products.

Throw away the kibble you get from mainstream food companies and opt for organic, filament-free nutrition.

3. Buy Them Lots of Treats

While you shouldn’t go overboard with the amount of treats you give your pet, a little bit of extra kibble or wet food every now and then will improve your dog’s well-being. CBD dog treats available at Honest Paws can even help alleviate anxiety and joint pain.

If you’re getting on a plane or driving for an extended period of time, CBD treats can help your pup relax.

4. Provide Adequate Mental Stimulation

Psychologists believe that the average dog has the equivalent intelligence of a 2-3-year-old child. We already know what happens when a toddler is bored, but thankfully, human children don’t have teeth, strength, and claws.

To ensure that they stay mentally stimulated, switch up their walking routine or the games you both play to keep their attention off your couch.

5. Take Care of Their Teeth

Even the most caring pet owners sometimes forget about the health of their dog’s teeth, but it’s essential that you stay on top of their dental health. If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth or give them chewable dental treats daily, they may develop infections in the mouth that could cause them to lose their molars. What’s worse, gingivitis can affect their heart, lungs, and brains.

6. Keep Their Space Clean

Humans prefer to live in a home that’s clean, and dogs are no different. Keep a cleaning schedule that includes washing their bowls, beds, and space to ensure bacteria, dust, and debris don’t fester in their skin and bodies. However, if you have a nosey pup that likes to lick and smell your cleaning products, be sure to only use natural or dog-safe cleansers and soaps.

7. Lock All Toxins Away

Dogs are curious creatures and love to stick their nose in things they aren’t supposed to. Still, if you don’t want your pup to eat toxins, like certain foods and chemicals, lock them away or stick them in a place your dog can’t reach. Other products, like prescriptions, alcohol, marijuana, and flowers, can’t be placed at eye level, or it will signal to your dog that they’re snacks.

8. Go to the Vet

Regular vet visits can significantly extend the life of your pets, especially if they were born with a pre-existing health condition or are prone to certain illnesses. By going to the vet regularly, you might discover minor issues before they develop into a full-fledged problem, which can save your pet’s life. Plus, your vet can give you advice on how to increase your pups’ well-being.


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