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8 Ways To Smoke Weed

Like a wise man once said: smoke weed every day. But just how many ways are there to smoke? We’re glad you asked. Here are 8 great ways to smoke weed.


Joints are the most popular way to smoke weed. While learning to roll a joint has a bit of a learning curve, it’s like riding a bike. Once you learn it, you never forget. Most people who prefer to smoke joints like to roll ground buds. This way is burns evenly.


In Europe, it’s common to call a spliff a joint. However, in North America, a joint is almost always pure weed or a mix of weed and hash.


Blunts are like joint’s big brother. These are both rolled-up buds. However, instead of being rolled in paper, a blunt is rolled in a tobacco leaf like a cigar. Obviously, this presents a bit more health issues than just pure weed, but some say it also gets you higher.


Now, if you’re wary about the health risks but still love the feel of a blunt, there are solutions. Glass blunts are hot on the scene, and they’re super easy to use and easy to clean.


Spliffs are tobacco and cannabis rolled into a rolling paper. Some people prefer to smoke spliffs over joints because you don’t need to use as much weed to smoke a spliff. Some people also enjoy the effect of weed mixed with tobacco. It often makes the smoker feel a bit more lightheaded with the extra kick of nicotine.


That said, people who don’t smoke cigarettes often don’t like spliffs. The tobacco mixed with weed affects the flavor a lot more than a blunt wrap does. And of course, smoking tobacco is known to cause cancer.


Show me that bo-bo-bo-bo-bong bong!


It’s also known as a water pipe… for tobacco use only. But once you’re out of the headshop you can go ahead and put anything in it.


A bong is a glass smoking device that has a bowl, a base with water, a smoke chamber, and a mouthpiece.  There can be a slight learning curve to hitting a bong. That said, learning to take a fat rip is easy and fun to master.


People love bongs because the water cools down the smoke. Many bongs come with percolators and an ice catcher to make the smoke extra cool and smooth. Bongs come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Some bongs feature gorgeous heady art designs, while scientific bongs exceed in functionality.


If you’re a stoner, you need a trusty pipe. Hand pipes are a stoner staple. They’re easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to clean. Pipes have a massive price range. A small pipe could cost just a couple of dollars, and a heady art glass pipe could sell for hundreds.


Pipes are the easiest glass piece to use. You just pack some weed into the bowl, cover the carb, light it, and release the carb when you take your hit. It does not have any filtration, which means some poorly designed pipes give “ash kisses”. Sherlock and Gandalf-style pipes don’t have this problem, but they’re a bit more fragile than spoon pipes. If you want a pipe that gives big hits, a shotgun-style pipe hits like a bong– just without the water.


Overall, pipes are the most versatile glass a stoner can buy.


If a bong and pipe had a baby, it’d be a bubbler. Bubblers have a water chamber but are smaller than a bong.


Now, there is some debate over what a bubbler is. Some people are adamant that a bubbler should be one solid pipe with no removable bowl. Some glass manufacturers label water pieces that have removable bowls but are smaller than a standard bong as “bubblers.”


So who’s right? Well, both. These are not fixed terms. If you have a specific kind of bubbler in mind, it’s best to search for that style of bubbler.


Beyond ignition, you have vaporization. A vaporizer does not create smoke. Instead, it superheats the cannabis product, usually bud but sometimes also concentrate, into a vapor. This way you get all the THC but none of the other harmful substances found in smoke.


Vaporizers are the safest way to “smoke” weed. Technically it’s not smoke, but the vapor looks quite like smoke. It also preserves the flavor of bud a little better than smoking does.


Vaporizers come in many types. The most famous type is a desktop vaporizer called a Volcano. There are also smaller portable vaporizers available for purchase. Some of the smaller pen-style vaporizers that use hash oil are called “dab pens.”


Which brings us to our last and final way to smoke weed…

Dab Rigs

Yabba dabba do!


Dabs blasted on the scene about a decade ago. A dab rig is basically a bong with a special unit for concentrate. That unit could be a nail with a globe, or a bucket called a banger. To do a dab, you take a blowtorch, superheat the nail or banger, and then put just a little bit of concentrate on it.


Dabs are super popular because they get you really, really high. That’s because you don’t smoke weed in a dab– you smoke hash. And not just any hash either, these oils, waxes, and shatters are extracted using butane. This process produces hash that’s 70-90% THC. Wowza!

Blaze On!

We hope you found this list of ways to smoke weed useful and informative. Remember, if smoking isn’t for you, edibles are always an option!

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