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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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9/11 Memorial in Laguna Beach


Hundreds of families walk past this beautiful sculpture on their way to the popular picnic beach or divers cove, but what many people don’t realize is that the beautiful piece of art is a 9/11 Monument. The 9/11 memorial “Semper Memento” or “Always Remember” was created by local Laguna Beach artist, Jorg Dubin in 2011.


“Yes, the steel beams are from the World Trade Center ruins. I wanted the beams to look like they had been found in that position. When the beams arrived from New York, they were draped in an American Flag, and that flag is entombed in the cement base. The base is in the shape of the Pentagon, which has an obvious meaning. The center grass area represents the field in Shanksville, PA, and the soil is from there too.


I wanted all three sites to be represented. The polished sphere has several ideas behind it. The first being that it represents the world, as this was a world-changing event. Because of its mirror polish, when the viewer is looking at the memorial, they see themselves in the reflection and thus become more a part of the event as they are ‘in it.'” ~Jorg Dubin


The beautiful memorial is a great place to take your children, and a great conversation starter with your children about 911. The sculpture is located at Heisler Park (375 Cliff Drive) in Laguna Beach. When you’re done visiting the memorial, spend time enjoying the beautiful beaches below.

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