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A Glimpse Back in Time at Museo Teotihuacán

We visited as a guest

Teotihuacan Museum

The first thing that we did when arriving in Teotihuacán was to visit the museum located at the archeological site. It was the perfect way to start our visit to the magical place by allowing us to learn about the history of the indigenous people who once lived in the region.

Sign for Teotihuacan Museum

Going to the Teotihuacan Museum

Front of the Teotihuacan Museum

It took us about an hour to slowly explore the museum, but I could have spent all day reading about the history. Teotihuacán means “place of the Gods,” in Aztec and the city first formed in 150 BCE and 200 CE.

Exploring Teotihuacan Museum

Inside Teotihuacan Museum

Museo Teotihuacan

The museum is filled with thousands of artifacts from the Mayan, Aztec and Toltec civilization. There are small plaques in front of each display case that talks about the items in each glass case along with a little bit of history behind the artifacts (both in Spanish and English). They have everything from skeletons to tapestries to death masks.

Teotihuacan Death Mask

Masks in Teotihuacan

Deatailed Masks in Teotihuacan

At the end of the museum is a giant room with glass floors that features a large model of what Teotihuacán originally looked like and a glass window where guests can catch their first glimpse of the majestic pyramids.

What Teotihuacan Once Looked Like

View of the Pyramids from Museo Teotihuacan

Once we were done exploring the museum, it was time to experience walking to the top of the pyramids. We were able to walk to the top of the pyramid of the sun, and visitors are only allowed to walk to the first level of the pyramid of the moon. After learning about the history of Teotihuacán in the museum, and then getting to walk to the top of the pyramid was a fully immersive experience.

What Toltec People Looked Like

What Teotihuacan People Looked Like

When planning a trip to Mexico City, a visit to Teotihuacán is a must. When you first arrive, I know that you’ll be tempted to run over to the pyramids, but I recommend going to the museum first so that you’ll get the most out of your experience visiting the area. Teotihuacán is about a one hour drive from Mexico City. Visitors can take a public bus to the area or hire a tour guide. There is a fee of 64 pesos to enter the park which includes the museum entrance.

Enjoy these photos of the artifacts I saw while exploring the museum…

Things That the Toltec People Used in Teotihuacan


Teotihuacan Tapestry

Teotihuacan Statue

Teotihuacan Statue Showing Birth of Baby

Teotihuacan Pot

Teotihuacan Mask

Teotihuacan Artwork

Teotihuacan Artifacts

Teotihuacan Art

Teeth from Teotihuacan

Tapestry in Teotihuacan

Ston Doll in Teotihuacan

Statue in Teotihuacan

Statue from Teotihuacan

Snake Sculpture in Teotihuacan

Small Face Mask in Teotihuacan

Skeleton from Teotihuacan

Sculpture of a Person in Teotihuacan

Sculpture of a Man in Teotihuacan

Sculpture in Teotihuacan

Rock Sculpture in Teotihuacan

Old Piece of Artwork in Teotihuacan

Mini Pots in Teotihuacan

Mini Clay Person from Teotihuacan

Medallion in Teotihuacan

Lion Sculpture from Teotihuacan

Heirloom from Teotihuacan

Food Grinder in Teotihuacan

Explore the Teotihuacan Museum

Dragon Head Sculpture in Teotihuacan

Detailed Artifact in Teotihuacan

Death Mask in Teotihuacan

Clay Dolls in Teotihuacan

Dead Bodies from Teotihuacan

Carved pot in Teotihuacan

Beautiful Teotihuacan Sculpture

Beautiful Sculpture in Teotihuacan

Beautiful Pot from Teotihuacan

Shell Sculpture from Teotihuacan

A Bowl Used in Teotihuacan

A Necklace From Teotihuacan

Artifact From Teotihuacan

Artwork in Museo Teotihuacan

Photos are allowed – but no flash photography is prohibited.

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