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A Magical Memory From Walt Disney World #DisneySMMoms

Magical Memories at Disney World

It was the end of another magical day at Walt Disney World, and it was about to become even more magical for my son Tyler. Tyler wanted to go back to the room to rest while my husband went back to the parks with the older kids. While we were resting on the hotel bed, we got one of the most unexpected surprises. A surprise that would end up being one of my sons favorite parts of the trip. It might seem small to most people, but to him it was huge.

Magical Memories at Disney World

We heard a small noise at the patio door, and when we looked to see who it was, it was a duck. A real duck had walked into our hotel room. Normally, when my kids approach a duck, they immediately run (or fly) away in a dash. This duck just stood there inside of our room completely unafraid of my son. He sat there for almost an hour talking to the duck about his day at Walt Disney World. He even gave it a few of his crackers from the diaper bag. After awhile the duck waddled out the door and Tyler climbed back into his bed.

Magical Memories at Disney World

Later that night, before he fell asleep he said, “Mommy, did you know that Donald Duck sent him to see me special. I love Donald Duck.” It was at that moment when I saw a true sparkle of magic twinkling in the eyes of my son. It was a magical moment, that my son will never forget while at Walt Disney World. For the rest of our trip, every time he would see ducks on the property, he would run up to them looking for the friend that made that unique visit.

Magical Memories at Disney World

Disclosure: We attended Walt Disney World as part of a media event with Disney. All of our photos, thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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