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A New Twist on Pastrami: Pretzelrami at Togo’s

We dined as a guest of the venue

When I was going to college, Togo’s was a place I would go to at least twice a week a hot pastrami sandwich. Togo’s has a lot of great sandwich and salad choices, but a good pastrami sandwich done right is hard find, especially at a regular sandwich chain.

With Togo’s, the biggest problem I have is where I live. The nearest location is about 15 miles away making other sandwich shops more desirable just because of faster drive to them. With this, I had not been to a Togo’s in quite some time.

I saw that Togo’s changed their Pastrami Sandwich, calling it the Pretzelrami Sandwich, so I had to go in and try one. I googled locations and found one that was closer than I thought, so I made plans to go in for a taste.

The new Pretzelrami Sandwich is an excellent improvement from the already delicious pastrami sandwich that Togo’s had before. The old version was on their regular roll filled with pastrami mustard and pickles. The new version is piled high with pastrami topped with white cheddar cheese stacked on top of pickles and mustard all in between a delicious pretzel bun – oh my.

If Togo’s has not been a place you have eaten at recently, now is a good time to go back and try this excellent sandwich. Togo’s also has a great variety of salad’s and other food choices should pastrami not be your thing. Try Togo’s new take on a true classic it is certainly not going to disappoint. I think going forward this new sandwich is worth a trip in at least once a month to Togo’s so I can sink my taste buds into this tasty sandwich.

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