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A night to Remember: Circus Vargas Steam Cirque

We attended as a guest of the venue

Welcome to the Big Top! Circus Vargas has returned to Orange County with one its best circus performances yet. Over the weekend, I took the kids to the Orange County Great Park to experience the animal-free circus, and it was one of the best circus performances we have ever witnessed.

Since I refuse to attend a circus that uses animals for entertainment, it had been years since I had seen a circus, and a first for my children. When we walked up to the venue, it was not super fancy and had an old school feel. There was a small courtyard outside of the tent where families could purchase popcorn, slurpees, and light-up toys for the show. What I really like about the concessions is that they didn’t serve alcohol – making it 110% a family-friendly ambiance.

When we walked into the big top, there was another small concession stand and a place where children could get their face painted. Once our kids had their souvenirs and popcorn, we walked into the big top to find our seats to watch the performance.

Before the show, children were welcomed onto the stage to do some fun activities with the circus staff – my children loved this! Then it was time for the show to begin.

From the start to the end of the show, my children were immersed into a magical world. There was incredible acrobatics, motorcycles driving in cages and lots of humor – lots of humor!

The circus was not fancy like some of the big circus companies that still use animals, but that is what made it so special. It is a circus production that provides great family entertainment, and my children are still talking about how much they loved going to the circus days after we went.

I highly recommend bringing your children to Circus Vargas Steam Cirque this summer. It will be in Irvine until June 18th, and then it will go on to Thousand Oaks. Tickets are reasonably priced at $12-$22 for bleacher seating – which is the perfect seating to see the show.

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  1. They leave Irvine on June 18 according to their website.

    • Yes! You are right – thank you for catching that =)

  2. I’ve been wanting to see this for a while now,but sadly once i noticed it was too late oh well, next year then and since Ringling is gone, now i get that chance plus I’ve seen videos and i have to say wow! so much in a small tent. they even do my favorite stunt which is the wheel of death. great post, keep em coming.

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