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A Real-Life Cinderella Lily James

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney


Photo courtesy of Disney

“Oh my God…I’m Cinderella…” Lily James

That was the reaction that Lily James had when first putting on the gown during the making the film “Cinderella.” James is a real-life Cinderella who Prince Charming (Richard Madden) called “kind, gentle, loving, giving and fun.”


Photo courtesy of Disney

When talking with James about what it was like to be Cinderella, the first question that we had to ask was, “What about the shoes?” We quickly found out that the shoes in the film were not actually made of glass but Swarovski crystal. “They didn’t fit my feet, but they didn’t fit any foot. It wasn’t like they got the wrong Cinderella,” said James. Because of the shoes being made of crystal, they had to use CGI technology to put the shoes on James’ feet in the movie. “They were incredibly beautiful,” said James.


Photo courtesy of Disney

After finding out all the details from her on the shoes, we led right into talking about the dress. There has been speculation about whether that truly is the size of her waist in the film, and “yes” it is. “I have a really small waist, and on top of that was a corset. It pulls you in at the waist, and the skirt is so big that the proportions make it look smaller than it really is,” said James.

“I loved wearing that dress. I felt like a princess in it.” Lily James


Photo courtesy of Disney

While the dress was incredibly beautiful, it was also not the most comfortable thing to wear on the set of a film. “There was a struggle involved in getting around because it was super heavy, really big, and very I burped a lot,” said James. The only way that she was able to sit down in the dress was to have a small stool placed underneath her dress. “Dancing in it was really hard because there were so many layers, and it was really delicate,” said James.


Photo courtesy of Disney

The dress not only made James feel like a princess, but it also enriched her character. “It is something external that changes how you feel internally. I only had four dresses, and I became so attached sentimentally to each dress, and I felt different in each dress. I loved them,” said James.


Photo courtesy of Disney

“There was a scene in ‘Runaway Bride’ when Julia Roberts puts on the wedding dress, looks into the mirror and she makes a ‘Swoosh’ sort of noise. When I put on my dress, I felt like Julia Roberts. I was so blown away.” Lily James

Don’t miss watching Lily James bring Cinderella to life in theaters this Friday, March 13th. Learn more about the film online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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