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A Snow White Christmas

We visited as a guest of the venue


FOUR more days until the FINAL curtain call to be a part of the Lythgoe Family PANTO Production!

I was a guest of the performance in Laguna Beach’s “world renown” Laguna Playhouse. Wow! WHAT a FANTASTIC time! I would definitely say its a “FEEL GOOD” family musical–quoted by the LA Times! This British Panto production showcases an amazing talent of cast leads. Glee’s Lindsay Pearce, Nickelodeon Star Jonathan Meza, and Star Treks Marina Sirtis to name a few.


As a mother, sometimes I feel as though the Holiday Season progresses in warp speed and whisks by in a blink of an eye. This season, it has been my wish to slow down –live for the present and enjoy it’s many nuances of goofy giggles, memorable sibling exchanges and quality down time with Daddy. I ask myself if there was anything more I could do for the family that would allow them to feel the rich exchange of family time? ….Did I do my part as the primary planner to dabble in the arts so I can expose my kids to a different take on life? I would have to answer that with a resounding YES….so far :0)! This musical makes me feel like I’ve etched away at my goal in finding something new and innovative! I’m going the extra mile to have A fun, artsy, memorable experience for….who else?….my OC family. It can be shared with Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles, allowing time to unite and laugh out-loud…..(encouraged banter with the cast LIVE!) Nothing should hold you back when engaging this interactive play.


Seeing this musical for myself has left a lasting memory but NOW I get to share this hysterically interactive play with my immediate family….tomorrow….SO excited!! There’s ample parking across the street from the Pageant of the Masters. My advice is to go early to walk around and enjoy the fruits of the pavilion; and stay a bit after as there is a special surprise for the Snow White Christmas goers.

The Laguna Playhouse informed me that there are AVAILABLE seats in the orchestra section and balcony level as the theatre houses a whopping 400 seats. It’s not too late to witness your first British Panto….that is definitely here to stay…in the USA.

The remaining show times are:

SAT 12/26/15…..12:00pm
SAT 12/26/15…..4:00pm
SAT 12/26/15…..7:30pm
SUN 12/27/15…..12:00pm
SUN 12/27/15…..4:00pm

Call 949-497-2287 OR visit:

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  1. Inspiring. Please write more. I really enjoy reading your blog!

    • Marilyn, hey…
      Thanks! It’s not my blog, I help cover stuff for Shelby Barone, but I appreciate your comment.

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