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A Taste of the Knott’s Boysenberry Festival

We attended a sneak peek as a guest of Knott’s

Knott's Short Ribs

Families are invited to embark on an epicurean adventure at Knott’s Berry Farm during the Boysenberry Festival on March 19th through April 3rd. We got a sneak peek of a few of more than 70 delectable dishes and drinks that are available during the festival, and we were left craving more. Make plans with your family to visit Knott’s Berry Farm during the Boysenberry Festival to enjoy many of these mouthwatering food offerings.

Knott's boysenberry beer

Short Ribs on Rice
It was my favorite food offering that I tasted during the media preview at Knott’s Berry Farm. The 24-hour marinated short ribs are grilled fresh and then tossed in a Boysenberry BBQ sauce, and then served over a bed of Jasmine rice. The ribs were tender, juicy, and I recommend ordering more than one dish.

Short ribs with blueberry bbq sauce

Boysenberry Meatball on a Stick
Every kid loves food on a stick, and your children are going to love these. They are seasoned house-made ground beef meatballs that are skewered and then marinated in a sweet boysenberry barbecue sauce.

Knott's Meatballs

Alligator Bites with Boysenberry Aioli
How many times in your life have you had the opportunity to try alligator? It was a first for me, and while I was hesitant about eating an alligator for the first time, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity. The result – it tasted just like chicken. When making the dish, they take alligator meat and hand battered it in rich buttermilk, deep fry it, and then serve it with thin cut fries and a side of boysenberry aioli.

Knott's Fried Alligator

Boysenberry Flautas
Sweet and savory come together with this tasty treat. The dish features boysenberry filling inside a crisp flour tortilla. It is then deep fried until golden brown and then sprinkled with sweet powdered sugar.

blueberry taquito

Boysenberry Panna Cotta
This sinful dish is one that I can’t wait to get more of during the festival. It features sweet boysenberry cream that is topped with granola and boysenberry topping. You’ll feel like you’re tasting panna cotta for the first time the minute that your taste buds sink into this dessert.

Boysenberry panna cotta

Boysenberry Trifle
You’ll be in dessert heaven with every bite of this treat. It features vanilla cake that is topped with boysenberry ice cream, whipped cream, boysenberries, and a boysenberry drizzle – oh my! The dessert is quite large and perfect for your kids to share.

Boysenberry ice cream

Boysenberry Wings
Bring some wet wipes along in your backpack to use while devouring the boysenberry wings. They are fried chicken wings that are tossed in their famous Knott’s boysenberry BBQ sauce. I guarantee that you can’t just eat one.

Boysenberry chicken

Chicken Sandwich with Coleslaw
I recommend getting this sandwich during lunch because it will fuel your kids with enough energy to enjoy the rest of the day in the park. The whole wheat bun is loaded with juicy grilled chicken breast, and farm made coleslaw and boysenberry barbecue sauce.

Knott's Chicken sandwich

Boysenberry Pulled Pork Sandwich
The second perfect lunch item is the pulled pork sandwich. Inside of a soft french roll is oven roasted pulled pork which is mixed with boysenberry barbecue sauce, and then topped with coleslaw. The dish paired to perfection with crispy potato chips.

Knott's Pulled pork sandwich

Fun Bun
You can’t visit the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival without having the famous fun bun. The fun bun is a freshly baked cinnamon roll that is fried in funnel cake batter and then topped with their delicious house-made boysenberry cream cheese.

The famous fun bun

Fun Stick
New this year, and giving the fun bun a little competition is the fun stick. My senses were overwhelmed with every bite of this unforgettable dessert. Words cannot describe how delicious this dessert tastes. Knott’s takes a farm-baked cheesecake and then deep fries it in funnel cake batter and tops with a boysenberry cream cheese sauce. The best part – it is served on a stick!

Knotts Fun Stick

Come hungry and get ready for some wholesome and delicious family fun during the Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival starting on March 29th through April 3rd. Learn more about park hours, admission pricing, and more online at

Wine tasting at Knott's

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