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Aasif Mandvi on Working with the kids in Million Dollar Arm

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney


Aasif Mandvi – Photo courtesy of Disney

The film “Million Dollar Arm” is one of our favorite films of the year, and the one scene in the film that I could completely relate too was when one of Ash’s toddlers vomited all over him. Ash Vasudevan was played by Aasif Mandvi, and when talking with Mandvi about the film, we learned that the child really did vomit on him while filming – it was not planned. “I was running onto the porch and I’m standing there getting the shot. I’m shaking him and then suddenly he looks at me and just puked. And twice, he did it twice,” said Mandvi.

When making the film they had two sets of twins that they used to be the children of Ash Vasudevan. “If you watch closely, you’ll see that they’re actually two sets of different twins. The twins that I’m feeding in the kitchen are not the same twins that I’m holding on the porch,” said Mandvi.

“The kid is literally screaming for his Mother. He’s like, I don’t care about your stupid movie, I want to be with my mom.” Aasif Mandvi.

One of the biggest challenges for Mandvi was the crying kids. “I said to Craig Gillespie (the Director) listen, I can’t do this anymore. This kid is like, there’s snot coming out of him and he’s crying. He’s just a mess,” said Mandvi. The intention was not for the kids to be constantly crying in the film, but kids will cry, and they were not able to keep them from crying while filming. “So Craig’s theory was that everytime we see Ash and his children, his children are screaming. That’s just the reality of his life,” said Mandvi.

Every parent can relate with screaming, crying and vomiting children, and parents will love the role that Aasif plays in the film “Million Dollar Arm.” The film is currently playing in theaters now.

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