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All Aboard the Train to Christmas Town


My husband and I have been wanting to take our children to Arizona for the Grand Canyon Railroad Polar Express ever since first having children. With the weather being so unpredictable, and the tickets always selling out so quickly, we have never been able to bring our children to experience the train ride. I recently learned that a holiday Train to Christmas Town was happening this year in Santa Cruz, and was able to get tickets easily.

With the event being about a 6 1/2 hour drive up to Santa Cruz, we made a weekend out of the event by staying a couple of nights at the Chaminade Resort & Spa in Santa Cruz. It ended up being the most unforgettable holiday weekend my family has experienced together.


We didn’t tell the kids about the Train to Christmas town – we kept it all a surprise. After spending the day exploring Santa Cruz, we pulled into a magical hidden location, right along the railroad tracks. We had the kids change into their holiday pajamas, and they could not stand the excitement of what was about to happen next.




Within just a few minutes of sitting in the covered tent, they heard the whistle of a train. Just like in the book, The Polar Express, the kids jumped up, and ran outside to see a giant magical train coming their way. The train stopped right in front of them on the tracks we handed them their tickets, and they went to the conductor to have their tickets stamped.



Once they boarded the magical train, they were transported into a different world. There were dancing elves, festive music, and decorations throughout the inside of the train. The elves served the kids hot cocoa and cookies while we made our way to Christmas Town.



As the train pulled into Christmas Town, the kids could see the magical world outside of the windows of the train. The train made a stop, and the big guy himself boarded the train to bring holiday joy to everyone.

As the train slowly made its way back to our car, Santa delivered a toy train whistle to all the children while the conductor read them all a bedtime story.




I have never seen as much joy on my children’s faces as I did the night they road the train to Christmas Town. The holiday magic came to life for all of them creating an experience that they will hold close to their hearts for the rest of their lives.


Families can purchase tickets to The Train to Christmas Town online or by calling 888-978-5562.


Media tickets were provided

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  1. We are thinking about doing this… I’m curious, what type of ticket are the pictures from.. is that standard seating or first class?

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