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Action and Adventure in The Lego Batman Movie

We visited as a guest of Warner Bros

The Lego Batman Movie Poster

Your children are going to fall in love with Batman all over again in theaters starting today when watching The Lego Batman movie. Last week, I took my kids to the Warner Bros studio lot in a cool Chevrolet Cruz Hatchback for a sneak peek at the film, and my kids loved every minute of the movie.

Chevy Cruz at the Warner Bros Studio Lot

Once the theater went dark, and the film began, we were immersed into the world in which Batman lives. We were laughing throughout the entire film, and on the edge of our seats wondering how Batman was going to save Gotham City from his arch enemy, The Joker.

Tyler and Ella Barone at the Warner Bros Studio Lot

My kids got to see a different side of Batman in this movie. He is hilarious, a little egotistical, and has a big heart behind those abs of steel. The Joker once again is trying to blow up Gotham City, and Batman is on a mission to stop him from his evil ways. But there is one thing stopping – the new chief of police, who also becomes Batman’s love interest. The chief tries to get Batman to work along with the police force to stop the crime in Gotham City, but the caped crusader only works alone.

Batman and the Joker in The Lego Batman Movie

Once the bat signal no longer shines in the sky, Batman starts to feel a loss and fights the urge to have a family again after adopting a son. Will Batman embrace being a father? Continue to try fighting crime alone or start to work as a team? You’ll have to find out when watching the movie in theaters with your children starting today!

Warner Bros Studio Lot

My son loved the film so much that he asked if we could see it again, and I brought him to the premiere a couple of days later. When watching it a second time we laughed just as hard as we did when seeing it for the first time. It is a movie that your children will want to watch again and again, because it is one of the best Batman movies ever made. Learn more about The Lego Batman Movie online, Facebook, and Twitter #LEGOBatmanMovie.

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