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Addressing Common Myths About Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are a growing mode of transportation, but there are many myths and misconceptions about them. While it seems, everybody is riding electric scooters, some still people have never ridden them. This is because they believe certain myths about these urban vehicles, no matter how funny they sound. In this post, we will address some of the most common ones. We will also provide information about how to ride an electric scooter safely. Let’s get started!

Myth 1 –  Electric scooters are too expensive

If you want to purchase a high-quality product, you must be able to spend more than what you will for an average one. While e-scooters are not overly expensive, we can’t deny that they are a little costly. However, we want you to compare the amount you will spend commuting to your destination to the amount you purchase your e-scooter. You will notice that e-scooters are worth the price their manufacturers tag them. When buying your e-scooter, you should consider certain factors to determine if the brand is worth its price. All-in-all, you shouldn’t go for a scooter that will override other important items you want to get. This is because you can get quality e-scooters that are also affordable.

Myth 2 – Electric scooters are dangerous and can’t be ridden on sidewalks

One misconception about electric scooters is that this mode of transportation is dangerous. However, this doesn’t seem right. Electric scooters are 100% safe for both kids and adults. If you ride your e-scooter prudently, you will experience no accident. Electric scooters pose no dangers to the environment and riders if they obey the rules. When you want to ride a scooter, you should put on your element and attach lights to your scooter. Most people hit things at night because they can’t see in the dark. As a result, we advise riders to attach lights to their elements, body, or scooters before riding.

Then again, you can ride electric scooters on sidewalks. A scooter rider shouldn’t travel among cars. However, while on sidewalks, they can see the path. While some people think that e-scooters cause accidents on sidewalks, that’s not true. This is because these vehicles reduce the number of accidents if the riders and pedestrians obey the rules guiding the road. Overall, riders should check the laws of their states and should note where they prohibit riding on sidewalks. Thus, you avoid riding on such sidewalks.

Myth 3 – Electric scooters are only for children

Another misconception that people often have is that electric scooters are for children. As there are e-scooters for kids, there are ones for adults. An adult scooter must withstand the weight of a full-grown adult. Significantly, scooting is a great way to perform full-body cardio exercises with a low impact on the joints. Some adults believe that they will look silly while riding scooters, so they believe these vehicles are for children. However, we want you to know that e-scooters offer ways to travel faster than walking and avoid the hassle of public transportation.

Furthermore, this device makes transportation fun for users. Another reason electric scooters are very good for adults is that traffic does not guide this mode of transportation. You get to enjoy the open air while you avoid traffic jams.

Myth 4 – Electric scooters can only be used for short distances

Over the years, electric scooters have witnessed great improvements in various areas. The ability of e-scooters to travel long distances is one of the great improvements. While there are scooters with lower travel ranges, they are usually for hobbies than as a reliable means of transportation. Nowadays, even average scooters can travel about 30 kilometers on a charge. Markedly, some e-scooters travel long ranges such as 100km to 150km on a single charge. However, these scooters are often on the expensive side. Another fact that makes electric scooters able to travel long distances is that they don’t easily tire the rider. Unlike traditional kick scooters, bikes and skateboards, electric scooters do not require physical energy to move. For this reason, riders can go a long distance without feeling tired as they do not exert force to ride the vehicle.

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