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Advantages of Owning an American Bulldog

The American bulldog is muscular and has a pushed-in nose with a wrinkled face. Its shoulders and head are generally broad.

Pet Owner Tips

There are visible thick folds of skin on the face, and its eyes are black and wide. It is also characterized by some skin hanging on the neck. It comes with white, black, piebald, or brindle.

While it might not have a very pleasant look, you can be sure that having it as your pet will be of great help to your and your entire family.

Here is why, as you explore more than their personality, you should consider keeping an American bulldog.

  • Good temperament

You want a dog that has a good temperament. No one wants to be around one that is a nuisance and keeps giving wrong signals, especially to visitors.

By choosing an American bulldog, you are assured of a good mood most of the time. In the few instances this is not the case, always be keen to check out what could be wrong with the dog.

Generally, it is supposed to be silent and very friendly, which can make you trust it around your children or even visitors.

  • Family dog

You will love the company of this dog because it is extremely friendly. You will often note that it acts in very protective ways, especially to its loved ones.

Therefore, you can easily trust it and not get disappointed. It also goes out of its way with the aim of pleasing its owner, something that you will enjoy, especially if you live alone.

It is also very friendly with other pets at home, which assures you of fewer pet fights in your house.

  • Energy level

Unlike most dogs, their energy levels are very moderate. That way, you don’t get bored hanging around it while at the same time, it does not require you to go through the intensive exercise to please it. That also assures you that you will need less time to keep it engaged. Read more here

  • Strength

Bulldogs have good physical and immune strength. Therefore, you are guaranteed that your dog has enough energy to move around without getting exhausted unnecessarily. You also have the advantage of having a dog that enjoys perfect health most of the time hence cutting on the cost of treatment.

  • Adaptability

Many people would want to imagine that bulldogs survive in a particular environment, but that has never been the case.

If anything, they are wired in a way that they adjust accordingly to several weather conditions.

If you are a first-time owner, you need not be afraid because it puts a lot of effort into adapting to the new requirements on its own. In many instances, you will adjust quickly to living in apartments and places with cold weather.

  • Simple maintenance

Unlike other fondles, with this one, you will only need to clean it only once in a while. However, you need to make sure you do not do the cleaning often to make sure you do not tamper with the natural protective oils that are found on the skin. All you need is water and either a rubber pad or bristle brush. It is best if you have a schedule for the cleaning to make sure you do not do it more than is required.

  • Attracts attention

Many fondles might go unnoticed but not this type. Most of the time, you will have people turn their heads as you walk your dog down the street just to catch a sight of the powerful animal walking. While this may not be your main aim, it is something that you will definitely be proud of.

  • Comical

By now, you must have noticed that the bulldogs have a way of being comical. They have a way of making different faces at different times. This does not necessarily happen because of a change in mood but to seek attention and entertain the owners. These faces are good enough to brighten your mood after you have had a long stressful day.

  • Guarding

While you may want one only for the sake of having a pet, having it as a source of protection makes it even more advantageous to you. This type is quite aggressive and will never be calm when its owner is under attack. Even where it is not trying to be a source of protection, it goes out of its way to handle any source of a threat.

  • Good with children

You should never judge this fondle just from its appearance. Contrary to its appearance, it is very good with children.

In fact, it has a good way of handling children even where they throw tantrums. When left with children, it keeps an eye on them and counters anything they perceive as an attack on the children.

However, it is good to keep away the children during meal times since it can be extra aggressive during feeding. Click here to read more about the breed.


Choosing the type of fondle to have in your house can sometimes be very confusing. Mainly, this is because of the characteristics you want to see in your dog. Different types will always have different aspects that make them attractive to you, which is why you should consider those that give you the most. Some of the aspects you need to look out for are friendliness, maintenance cost, temperament, and adaptability. However, never limit yourself on the basis of just a few of these aspects. Seek to explore far and wide to get the best.

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