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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach

Remember the days when we could ride our bikes until the streetlights came on?


Adventure Playground will be open to the public from June 19 – August 18, 2017.

For most of my younger childhood, I grew-up living in the community of Beacon Bay in Newport Beach before we moved to Harbor View Homes (aka. The Port Streets). The best memories I have from growing up in Beacon Bay was building forts under the docks, and playing in the dirt until my hands were black. My mom and her friends would be inside playing bridge while all the neighborhood kids ruled the streets on our Huffy bikes. Things have changed, and my children are growing up in a society where they have to be more protected and sheltered. They can’t explore the world in the same way that I once did as a child.


Then I learned about Adventure Playground (aka. mud park) in Huntington Beach.


When the kids and I first arrived, it reminded me of the backdrop for the movie “The Little Rascals.” Everything was brown and muddy. The kids were able to get a glimpse into the type of childhood I grew up with, but in a protected environment. They could slide down a hill into a mud puddle, climb across the rope bridge and float on wooden rafts. It is every child’s dream.


There are forts for the children to build cooperatively together, and plenty of places to run around. As I stood back and watched my kids play together in the mud, I saw a little bit of myself in them.


Where is Adventure Playground? It is located right in Huntington Beach at 18000 Goldenwest Street (right next to the library).

What to bring:

$3 entry per child (parents are free!)
Tennis shoes for everyone (no crocs – shoes must be tennis shoes)
Towel and change of clothes
Lunch or snacks

Adventure Playground is only open in the Summer.

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  1. Can adults ride the rafts or is this for kids only while adults are on the sidelines?

  2. Can I use your pics? I’m planning a party there, and your pics pretty much sum up what will happen. I plan to link your blog.

    • Can you please advise where you are planning to post the pictures first? Thank you.

  3. Is there still a tire zipline?

  4. Seems like fun, but I’m a bit worried that my 11 & 13 yr olds are too old for it. Can someone comment on the typical ages that play there?

    • My 13-year-old loved it last year!

    • My kids played there till they were 14 and probably still would of if I hadn’t switched jobs by the time they were older. LOL

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