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Affordable Health and Wellness Care in Orange County

Inspire is an OC Mom Blog partner
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With rising healthcare costs, I think its safe to say we have all been looking for affordable health and wellness care.  You can imagine my delight when I called Inspire Chiropractic Health and Wellness in Ladera Ranch desperate for an immediate adjustment / massage and discovered having such treatments at Inspire was cheaper than using my insurance deductible at another facility.  I couldn’t believe it!  I had never been to Inspire before, so when I called from the car after school drop offs, I called to find out if they accepted my insurance, the usual drill in trying a new facility.  Jensen, the sweet assistant, explained that Inspire doesn’t accept insurance because they keep their treatment prices low, usually lower than health insurance deductibles.  I was ready to test this claim, so I asked, “how much is an adjustment and a massage?”  The initial visit that included a consultation, exam and treatment was just $19.00 and an hour massage was $39.00.  I immediately booked my treatments and drove straight to Ladera Ranch!

I woke up that morning with back spasms, something that happens when I ignore the warning signs and deny myself proper treatment for one reason or the other, I was finally making the time to get treatment.  I arrived, in great pain, filled out a few documents and was immediately taken back to have my consultation and exam with Dr. Alec Cole.  Dr. Cole was incredibly nice and patient as I tried, ungracefully, to get down on the table.  There wasn’t any hiding my pain level, Dr. Cole was very thorough in my exam and treatment plan.  I appreciated the explanation of why my back spasm was happening and the gentle care.  After my adjustment, we discussed a plan to rid myself of the pain and avoid them in the future.  I was starting to feel relief and able to get back off the table with more humility than when I arrived.


Inspire Lobby

After my chiropractic treatment, I was escorted to the massage room where I prepared for more relaxation and further relief.  I was so impressed with the caring questions and gentle touch until my therapist and I could figure out the right pressure to work the effected spasm area.  After much rubbing, stretching and working through the tense muscles, I could finally move with ease and was ready to continue my busy day.  I have been back for follow up chiropractic treatments and look forward to returning soon for another massage, one that is more relaxing since I am rid of the extreme pain.

Inspire Massage Room

 As I prepared to checked out and schedule my next appointment, Jensen explained a few of the wellness packages Inspire offered.  I was floored by the prices, again, so much lower than using my health insurance!  I signed up for the Wellness Package.  I had quickly calculated before I committed that if I was to receive these same treatments with the same frequency, it would cost $285.00 for 5 chiropractic adjustments and an additional $85.00 for an hour massage.  At Inspire, these same treatments and frequency is just $99/month.  Incredible, right?  Here are the three packages offered:


Wellness Package


5 Chiropractic Visits

50 Minute Massage

10% off all nutritional supplements

Chiropractic Package

Initial Visit $19.00

Non-Member $35.00/Visit

Member $59.00/Month

(includes 5 visits)

Massage Package

Initial Visit $39.00

Non-Member $75.00

Member $59.00/Month

(includes one 50 minute massage each month).

Inspire tables

 Quality, convenience and affordability is what you’ll find at Inspire.  Dr. Nick Williams and Dr. Alec Cole have created a brilliant business plan, everyone needs affordable health and wellness in a gorgeous setting.  I hope you make time to visit Inspire, even if you don’t live in Ladera Ranch, I don’t either and it’s worth the drive!

Visit Inspire Health & Wellness at 25662 Crown Valley Parkway Suite H-2, Ladera Ranch, CA 92694 Monday – Friday 8:00 – 6:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Contact Inspire at (949) 347.6938 or online at  Follow Inspire on Facebook at Chiropractic Health & Wellness and Instagram at inspire_chw.

Wendy is a wife and mom of three that lives in Ladera Ranch. She enjoys experiencing life through the eyes of her kids, party planning, exercising, and cooking.

Photos are courtesy of Inspire

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