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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Affordable Ways To Treat Yourself For Being An Awesome Mom

Raising a happy, healthy family isn’t an easy task. Yet, you find the time, energy, and strength it takes to get the job done every day. No matter what you’re feeling, what you’re going through, what you desire, your children’s needs come first. Though these things are expected of a mother, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for everything you do. Here are a few affordable yet rewarding ways to pat yourself on the back for being such an amazing mom. 

Have a Cup of Coffee

Most moms enjoy indulging in a cup of coffee throughout the day. Not only does it taste good, but it’s packed with health benefits. You can head to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy your favorite flavored brew or invest in a coffee subscription and enjoy a cup at home. 

Read a Book

Whether you love reading fiction novels that allow you to leave your reality and live vicariously through the characters or prefer non-fiction books to expand your knowledge of science, history, arts, culture, and personal development, reading is the perfect treat. Grab a book and set aside 30 minutes to an hour to read. 

Get Yourself a Facial

Mothers tend to wear the stresses of life on the face. From dark circles and bags to pimples and wrinkles, the more hectic your lifestyle, the more it starts to impact your appearance. While regular skincare routines can reduce many of these issues, go the extra mile and give yourself a facial. If you can’t afford to hit a spa, you can make your own face mask using natural ingredients or purchase an affordable facial kit at a nearby drugstore and have a facial at home

Buy Some New Threads

Are you tired of recycling the same few outfits? You’d be surprised how a new outfit can make you feel. Cut back on eating out for lunch over the next week and use the funds to buy yourself a new outfit. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. An inspirational novelty t-shirt and a new pair of jeans can do the trick. 

Enroll In a Class

Is there something you’ve been dying to try? Perhaps you’re interested in picking up an old hobby or learning something new? Whatever the case is, there are a bunch of affordable courses you can take to get where you want to be. You can take an exercise, dance, art, cooking, or professional development course that appeals to your goals and interests. 

Spa Days

When is the last time you pampered yourself? Your mind and body go through so much as a mother that sometimes you need to recharge and refresh. Spa days are a practical solution. As going to a local massage parlor or spa can be expensive, you can always create the experience at home. Set the tone with candles, aromatherapy diffusers, new sponges, soft music, and dim lights. Then, draw yourself a bath with essential oils and soak for a while. When you get out, give yourself a massage by rubbing moisturizer all over your body. 

Take The Day Off

Now this treat might sound impossible, but every mother needs time to herself. While it may seem like the world would fall apart if you were to “check out”, your support system is there for you. Talk with your spouse, parents, friends, or family members to determine if they could watch the kids for a day. If that’s not an option, you could always schedule a day off from work and enjoy yourself while the kids are at school. 

Once you’ve ironed out a sitter, start thinking about what you want to do. Whether you lounge around and binge-watch television shows or go out for a day of exploration and shopping, do something that brings you joy. 

A mother’s job is all-encompassing and ongoing, yet; you step up to the plate every time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back for getting through the ups and downs of parenting. A little treat like those discussed above can go a long way in giving you the motivation you need to continue being an awesome mother. 

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