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Alden Ehrenreich on Being Han Solo and Getting to Fly the Millennium Falcon

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

The day after attending the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, I went to the Griffith Observatory along with another group of bloggers. While admiring the beautiful Los Angeles skyline, a family approached the blogger Summer Len Davis from Dirty Floor Diaries to take their family photo. While she was taking their picture, she learned that it was the family of Alden Ehrenreich who plays Han Solo in the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. It was such a weird coincidence considering we would be interviewing their son the next morning. We talked about their son and the film for a bit before parting ways.

The next morning when Alden Ehrenreich entered the room, the first thing he said was, “How many of you met my mom?” We all laughed and then he shared with us how special it was for his family to attend the premiere of his film and that they had the most memorable day of their lives. He shared with us that the children in his family stayed up late the night of the premiere using their cellphones to try and film their own Star Wars movies with lightsabers and stuff.

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The first thing that was on our mind was what it felt like to him taking on such a significant role in the shoes of one of the most amazing actors of all time, Harrison Ford? He then shared with us that he was in a daze because before joining us, he had just seen Harrison Ford. It was the first time that he had seen him since having lunch before they filmed, and it meant a lot to Ehrenreich to get to see him again. What did Harrison Ford think of Ehrenreich part as Han Solo? He told Ehrenreich that he loved it, he thought it was awesome, he thought it worked like gangbusters, and that he is going to make hundreds and hundreds of dollars. After Ehrenreich mentioned this, everyone in the room burst into laughter.

When it came to taking on the role of Han Solo, it was vital to Ehrenreich to make it feel like you are watching a real person going through something. He said, “I wanted to feel a continuity that he could grow into that guy.” Part of the preparation for the role that Ehrenreich did was watch all the original movies very early on, and he tried to absorb as much as he could so that when acting he would be very natural.

One thing that we asked Ehrenreich was what was one of his favorite Han Solo quirks, and he shared with us that he loved a moment in ‘A New Hope’ where they are pinned in a corner, they don’t know what to do, and he just starts yelling at the top of his lungs. “I feel like that is one of the great quintessential things about this guy,” said Ehrenreich.

Every child dreams of flying in the Millennium Falcon, and we were curious to see how it felt to Ehrenreich when sitting in the pilot’s seat for the first time. Ehrenreich shared with us that it was the best part of filming the movie. “Two things are really cool; one is that you sit down and it’s really fun, and you can’t believe you are there and its really surreal – and that is exciting. That’s what everyone who comes and visits the set experiences. The other thing is about two months in and you’re in there, and you realize that you kinda know what button does what and you know how the yolk feels and you know how the chair sits and you kinda feel like it’s yours,” said Ehrenreich.

I felt like Alden Ehrenreich did a fantastic job playing the part of Han Solo and your family is going to fall in love with the film Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters May 25th. Learn more about Solo: A Star Wars Story online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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