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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Alegría Fresh Produce is Now Available to the Community

Alegría Fresh is offering an important avenue of support by providing its regenerative organic locally grown produce to the community again. Today more than ever, most people need to strengthen their immune systems, feel better and have more energy.

Alegría Fresh

The FarmBoxx includes 23+ heart, gut and brain healthy greens, herbs, veggies and edible flowers, delivered same-day within hours of harvest. At a time when people need a healthy boost, the quality, freshness and diversity in the FarmBoxx delivers it.

In partnership with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County and Bank of America, Alegría Fresh designed, built and manages the SoxxBoxx Farm, a regenerative organic food production engine located on the Food Bank parking lot in Irvine.

Customers may place orders on Second Harvest Food Bank’s website by Thursday at noon for Friday delivery. Each FarmBoxx is $30 plus delivery and includes two heads of lettuce, a bouquet of leafy greens, adaptogenic herbs, vegetables and edible flowers. The flavorful nutrient-packed medley is designed to be combined to make about six sumptuous Alegría salads.

Order by noon on Thursday for Friday delivery by 5 p.m. online.

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